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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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John Henry Whitefield wed 1876 to Catherine Brain
Margaret Whiteford came 1852 on the Montgomery with Samuel Ralston
Elizabeth Whitehead came 1856 on the Lightning with Jonathan Charlesworth
Frederick William Whitehead wed 1888 to Grace Isbister Sugden
John Whitehead came 1862 on the Royal Saxon with Emma Mackerill
John Whitehead wed 1879 to Isabella Dudeney nee McDonald
Martha Whitehead came c1851 with Robert Wilson
Alex Mcfarland Whitelaw wed 1890 to Clara Brame
Elizabeth Baird Whitelaw wed 1903 to Arthur Jno Witney
George Whitelaw wed 1869 to Mary Ann McDougall
Grace Somerville Whitelaw wed 1897 to Geo Brumby
James Alexander Whitelaw wed 1876 to Grace Somerville Baird
John Whitelaw wed 1858 to Elizabeth Smiley
Annie Whiteside wed 1872 to John Herbert Dupe
Elizabeth Whiteside wed 1867 to Charles Forrest
Grace Whiteside wed 1876 to George James Payne
James Whiteside wed 1844 in NSW records to Catherine Connolly
Joseph Whiteside wed 1874 to Mary Ann Graham
Joseph William Whiteside wed 1908 to Emma Coad
Thomas Whitfield wed 1867 to Grace Vingoe Bottrell
Eliza Jane Whitford came c1883 with Wm Francis Merrifield
Susan Whitmore came 1839 to South Aust on the Buckinghamshire with William Joseph Crowhurst
Thomas Henry Whitmore wed 1886 to Julia Peck
Emma Whittaker wed 1875 to Enoch Sincock
Hannah Whittaker wed 1863 to Richard Webb
Mary Ann Whittaker came c1854 to South Australia with Francis Hardisty
Sarah Ann Whittaker wed 1878 to John Amer
Thomas Whittaker came c1857 with Rose Barker
Thomas Whitaker/Whittaker wed 1855 to Mary Ann Prowse
Agnes Whittet wed 1871 to Richard Jennings
Suzannah Whittimore wed 1853 at Hobart to James Baccus
Elizth Downing Whittingham wed 1895 to William Thomas Cottingham
Rose Anna Wickington/ Whittington came c1861with John Broderick
Mary Ann Whyatt wed 1856 to William Terance Briner
John Whyte wed 1875 to Maria Hill
Maud Whyte wed 1909 to George Benjamin Backway
Hannah Wiase came 1853 with Samuel Savin
Ada Wicker wed 1899 to Edmund Gibbins
George Thomas Wicker wed 1918 to Grace May Packham
Helen Wicker wed 1910 to Albert Wm Kirby
Henry Wicker wed 1848 in Hobart to Ann Elizabeth Hill/Hills
Henry Wicker wed 1876 in Victoria to Elizabeth Canavan /Carrivan
Herbert Jonathan Wicker wed c1906 to Mary Jane Camfield
Lillie Maud Wicker wed 1915 to Herbt Arth Jubilee Dixon
Mary Wicker wed 1898 to Francis Chas Thos Sharman
Thomas Wicker wed 1877 in Victoria to Alice Morgan
Deborah Wickett came c1855 with Archibald Charles Chapman
Elizabeth Mary Wickham wed 1877 to Alexander Patton
John Wickham came 1852 on the Beulah with Diana Benham
Sophia Sarah Wickham wed 1873 to Joseph Mayman
Henry Wickhan wed 1856 to Mary Gormin/Gorman
Charles Henry Wiffen wed 1892 to Isabella Gillan Sheills
Edward Wiffen wed 1879 to Emily Wilkin
Elizabeth Wiffen wed 1894 to Henry Higgins
George Wiffen came c1855 with Anne Mumford
George Wiffen wed 1890 to Alice Mary Jackson
Henry Wiffen wed 1902 to Alice Frith
John Wiffen wed 1888 to Elizabeth Ann On Thong nee Cook
Mildred Louisa Wiffen wed 1911 to Charles Henry Akers
Samuel James Wiffen wed 1892 to Alicia Letitia Sheridan
Sarah Wiffen wed 1873 to Charles Jenkins
Susan Wiffen wed 1882 to Alfred Thwaites
Susanna Wiffen wed 1866 to Thomas Wesley Standfield
Susannah Wiffen wed 1882 to Alfred Thwaites
Thomas Wiffen wed 1856 to Ann Harden /Harding
Wm Jno Wiffen wed 1903 to Edith Williams Whitcomb
Amy Ann Wiffin wed 1890 to William John Thwaites
Julia Wigg came c1855 with Joseph Ellison
Ellen/Helen Wiggens wed 1850 Hobart Tasmania to Samuel James Johns
Eliza Wiggins wed 1872 to Andrew Killock
Margaret Wiggins wed 1868 to Hugh Simpson
Mary Wiggins wed 1854 in St James Church, Melbourne, to John Titus
Mary Wiggins wed 1854 in Victoria to John Titus
Mary Titus nee Wiggins wed 1877 to Charles Taylor
Thomas Wiggins convict came on the Phoenix to wed 1833 in Tasmania to Helen came free Lawrence
Thomas Wiggins wed 1861 to Eliza Rayner
Mariann Augusta Wigham wed 1881 to Richard Henry Henry/Harry

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