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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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George Worth wed 1870 in WA to Amelia Jones
Hellen (Ellen) Amelia Worth wed 1894 in WA to William George Withnell
Mable Jane Worth wed 1898 in WA to Leonard Heardley Thompson
Martha Louisa Worth wed 1900 in WA to Richard John Hicks
Edw Geo Worthy wed 1916 to Hilda Nea Coulstock
Edward Worthy wed 1878 to Elizabeth Grant/Grout
Emma Eva Worthy wed 1916 to Ernest Frederick Pittock
Fanny Worthy wed 1901 to Louis Rumpf
former convict William Worthy wed 1856 to Lydia Brown
Harry Worthy wed 1917 to Violet Elsie Boyes
Mary Ann Worthy wed 1873 to Thomas Akers
Minnie Worthy wed c1911 to Thomas Wm Simpson
Wm Worthy wed 1877 to Mary Ann Holt
Ann Woulfe wed 1888 to James Trigg
Ann Maria Wragg wed 1868 to Richard Ord
Betsy Mcarty nee Wragg wed 1862 to James Poynton
Edward Wragg came 1854 on the Marco Polo with Mary Ann Male
Frederick Wragg came 1857 on the William with Mary Millar
Frederick Wragg wed 1877 to Eliza Farrelle
George Wragg came 1852 on the Martin Luther with Anne Glaves
Georgina Wragg wed 1862 to William Pestell
Jane Wragg wed c1866 to Denis MacArty/ Mccarthy
Jonathan Wragg came 1855 on the Admiral Boxer with Phebe Buckley
Joseph Wragg wed 1874 to Melia/Amelia White
William Wragg wed 1852 to Jane Mank
Frances Mary Wragg/Wragge wed 1854 to James Thomas Webb
Ann Wrathall wed 1832 in Tasmania to Hugh Currey
Charlotte Wrathall wed 1841 in Tasmania to William Brown
Edith Barbara Wrathall wed c1897 to Thomas Hibbert
Eleanor (Ellen) Jane Wrathall wed 1879 to James Bullock
Eliza Ann Wrathall wed c1883 to Patrick Power
Elizabeth Emma Wrathall wed 1884 to Alfred George Carter
Ellen Wrathall wed c1893 to Alfred Mann
Florence Jane Wrathall wed 1884 to William Henry Ah Lyee
Francis Wrathall wed 1856 to Margaret Kane
Frederick Alfred Wrathall wed 1893 to Jane Thomas
George Francis Wrathall wed 1899 to Maria Ruth Ballantyne
Henry Wrathall wed 1852 in Tasmania to Mary Ann OBern
Isabella Wrathall wed 1884 to William Natali D'Angri
James Wrathall wed 1893 to Annie Elizth Bruhn
Jessie Wrathall wed 1894 to George Samuel Walker
Lilly Wrathall wed 1887 to James Robartes Rickard
Lupton Wrathall wed c1860 to Mary Pratt
Margaret Wrathall wed 1888 to Thomas Shand Knubley
Margaret Wrathall wed 1896 to John Cherry
Martha Wrathall wed 1866 in Tasmania to Michael Bernard Quin
Mary Ann Wrathall wed 1881 to Frederick Harris
Mary Ann Gardiner Wrathall wed 1846 in Tasmania to George Shoulder
Mary Blanche Wrathall wed 1907 to Arthur Henry Walkerden
Precilia Maud Wrathall wed 1903 to Alfred Henry Duscher/Disher
Richard Wrathall wed c1858 to Eliza Ann Nicolias/Nichollias
Selina Wrathall wed 1894 to Owen Stirling OReilly
Stephen Wrathall wed 1882 to Adeline Maria Brown Earles
Stephen Lupton Wrathall wed 1906 to Margaret Anna Torpy
Thomas Wrathall wed 1860 to Margaret Nicoll
William Wrathall wed 1841 in Tasmania to Elizabeth Rayner
William Henry Wrathall wed 1881 to Mary Ann Lovell
Ann Wright wed 1899 to Alfred Thomas Dobell
Augusta Wright wed 1912 to Joseph Freemantle
Catherine Maria Wright wed 1867 to James Albert Britnell
Charles Wright wed 1876 in WA to Elizabeth Jones
Charles Henry Curtis Wright wed 1867 to Sarah Geatley / Goatly
Charlotte Wright wed 1877 to Arthur Vincent
Donald Wright wed 1911 to Jessie Grant
Edward James Wright wed 1870 to Lydia Georgina Perry
Eleanor Mary Wright wed 1887 to Henry Reither
Eliza Wright came c1853 with George Chandler
Eliza Wright wed 1856 to George Frew
Elizabeth Wright wed 1866 to Peter Isbister
Elizabeth Wright wed 1893 to Thomas Ison
Ellen Wright wed 1876 to Albert Thos Missen
Ellis Wright came 1855 on the Constant with Mary Creek
Ellis Creek Wright wed 1878 to Eliza Bristow
Ellis Creek Wright wed 1898 to Susan Martha Fidler
Emily Wright wed c1878 to Henry Brasher
Emma Wright wed 1866 to George Trigg
Fred Wright wed 1886 to Wilhelmina Joann Gardner
George Wright came c1844 as early pioneers with Anastatia Murphy
James Wright came c1857 with Eleanor Fleming
James Wright came c1860 with Harriet Brailsford
James Wright wed 1848 to Jane Burt
James Henry Wright came 1857 from Kent on the Hornet with Mary MariaWilliams
Jessie Amelia Wright wed 1891 to Herbert Edward Beard
John Wright wed 1857 to Mary Everett
John Wright wed 1869 to Agnes Kirk
Joseph Wright wed 1811 in Sydney to Sarah Griggs
Joseph Wright wed 1865 to Mary Griffith
Joseph Wright wed 1879 to Helena/Eleanor Batters
Joseph Wright wed 1879 to Mary Anne Costin
Joseph Thos Wright wed 1913 to Maud Mary Freemantle
Lillian Jane Wright wed 1892 to William Joseph Missen
Lily Agnes Beatrice Wright wed 1900 to Thomas Crago
Lucy Elizabeth Wright wed 1882 to George Weate
Margaret Wright arrived on the Shackamaxon at South Australia 1853 with William Izatt
Martha Louisa Wright wed 1854 to Christian William Roworth
Martha Roworth nee Wright wed 1872 to widowed Charles Bath
Mary Alice Wright wed 1884 to William Walkerden
Rebecca Wright wed 1872 to James Connor
Samuel Charles Wright came 1852 on the Himalaya with Charlotte Howard Cumber
Sarah Wright wed 1869 to Thomas Stuckey
Susan Wright came 1853 on the Duke Of Richmond with Phillip Looker
Thomas Wright came c1850 from NSW with Anne Rollston/Rolstone/ Rolleston
Thomas Wright came c1854 with Ann Hill
Thomas Wright wed 1854 to Mary Ann Unwin
William Digby Wright wed 1917 to Muriel Rachel Matilda Wilson
William Unwin Wright wed 1887 to Mary Ann Hamilton
Edward Wrixon came 1855 on the Glenmanna with Catherine Heffernan
Henry Wrixon wed 1883 to Elizabeth Thurling
John Henry Wrixon wed 1854 to Catherine Dolan
Julia Mary Wrixon wed 1877 to James Perry Black
Maria/Mary Ann Wrixon wed 1865 to Thomas Spencer Hellyer
Alphonse Wutterick came c1864 with Marie Perrottil
Marie Bertha Wuttrich wed 1880 to Thomas Biles
Anne Selina Wyatt wed 1883 to William Boase
Elizabeth Wyatt wed 1880 to Charles Hamilton Worsley
Elizabeth Jane Wyatt wed 1883 to Samuel Wearne
George Wyatt wed 1852 to Martha Dafter
William Wyatt came c1853 with Jane Dunstone/Dunstan
William Wyatt wed 1877 to Sarah Jane Borley
Ann Wykes wed 1870 to John Horner
Elizabeth Wykes wed 1865 to John Francis Potter
Job Wykes came 1852 on the Marco Polo with Sarah Ball
Joseph Wykes wed 1880 to Louise Eliza Davis
Sarah Wykes wed 1888 to James McDonald
William Wykes wed 1882 to Margaret Seater
Margaret Wylie wed 1895 at Rutherglen to George Thomas Clancy
Matilda Wylie wed 1868 to George Burnham
Rachel Murray Wylie wed 1876 to Henry Smith
Robert Wylie wed 1884 to Maria Louisa Derham
Mary Ann Wymouth came c1855 to South Australia with Daniel Hortop

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