-Had you been before in this part of the world?
-Yes I was a year in vacations in San Francisco and in Argentina we have played three years ago.
And how was it them there?
-Went us well, we were to pleasure, we made just one concerts, it was such a long trip for a concert, but people behaved very well.
-Which's the style where you feel really well?
-I believe that if it's necessary to choose one alone it's the hardcore, it's a little the base where we leave and then we put some metal or what is, what goes leaving, is some songs that can sound much metal but in general the hardcore and a little also for our attitude.
-Do you consider that you would be inside the Basque radical music's movement?
-No, we go for the free one, that of the radical rock was called is something very concrete that it already passed in the 80's and now in Euskal Herria is a diversity of groups and styles that can have committed letters but however they don't make that punk style that was the Basque radical rock that was influenced by England. We are not radical, we are not inside any movement.

-Reason your last CD called "Polvo en los Ojos" (Powder in the Eyes).
-It is a little in reference to people that is not able to take off the powder that accumulates with the time and it defends retrograde traditions that exclude the woman or that they harm to the animals, it is a little that, people that doesn't want to evolve and to open the eyes and to clean them and to see that the things changes and that you cannot be defending things of the half age that today in day makes damage to other people or groups feels bad.
-What means " Pauso Bat"?
-It is a step, One Step.
-And Sokatira?
-It is a Basque sport that consists on a rope and they put on two teams and they stretch of her, has to bring to the other team until a line. Also in Scotland it is very popular and in that song spoken some what happened in Eukadi with the Basque nationalists and the Spanish nationalists that we already take that conflict that takes many years and nobody gets off the car and nobody wants to speak about, that doesn't take us to any side, we should begin to join and to solve this conflict that won't solve with repression neither with bombs.
-Is the Spanish society very wizened and of manners?
-Well in general there is of everything but it is necessary to see who are now at the power they are the children of the franquistas, the popular party is those that killed the workers and these are they children and it's incredible that people forget so quick and all those lies are believed that say that they are of center, is a little pathetic but there is, there are a lot of people that has conscience and that fights for things go better, even there are a lot of people who are to favor that the different nationalities that there is in the state have the possibility to decide her future.
-Talking about conservative and reactionary societies, besides that they take bad that you are in their national topic, how they take the matter of the drugs and all that you outline with honesty?
-A little like in all sides, it is a great business they close the eyes and they don't want to confront the problem, the same as to the Basque matter, these problems are to catch them for the neck and to face they fat front and to admit that it will always be there, that it is necessary to make things to solve it and you cannot solve with police ( that is like it seems that they wants to make everything). It is a great business that comes to them well and to the police and to manipulate people, then it doesn't interest them.
-Besides of the music what more do you do at live?
- I'm not a professional musician, I don't have neither idea, I'm for liking, none has musical studies except for Pirulo that has been studying violin, but we have learned at home and all this, then also likes me a lotto draw



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