and I made courses of cartoons and liked the graphic design. Then cause the group it works there we walk with the band.

-Where you were born?
-In Vitoria (in spanish) Gasteiz (in Basque) it is the capital of the autonomous community we will say of the Basque country. We are all of there, less a guitarist from Bilbao.

-What do you do when you are not up of the stage?
-I am learning Basque (euskera) because I don't speak to it, more than half of the Basque country doesn't speak euskera. When Franco was one could not speak in Basque, it was not spoken in the schools, it was forbidden and in the places that more tayed it was in the towns, in the places but put it stops inside, where we live it is but near Burgos of the frontier with Spain then there had a lot of immigration, a lot of people came from Extremadura to work so they were many the causes for those has gotten lost along the history. And now a very big effort is making to return him to recover, now the children most studies in euskera and you already begins to see down the street mainly in the big cities it's not heard a lot, in Bilbao or Donosti they are more near from the sea then there has stayed. My parents neither knew euskera so they cannot didn't teach it to me.

-Did you decide for that reason to make a couple of songs in this language?
-Course, because we support this fight of the recovery of the euskera totally and although we don't speak to it now it is very difficult to learn a language when you are already bigger and I am attempting it, but it is very hard. This language is the oldest that exists in the whole European continent and is necessary to make the possible thing that doesn't get lost, although the Spanish government also attack the language would like it a lot as if it was part of the Basque nationalism when the euskera is part of the world patrimony and they should make the possible thing to defend it.

This interview was published originally by Reforma News in Mexico city and in their extended version in very news papers, magazines and web zines in United States, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Uruguay and Sweden.
Have Copyright by Reforma and Terra.

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