LOA:              23´     (7,01m)
LWL:              21´9´´ (6,63 m)
BEAM:            7´9``   (2,36 m)
DAUGHT:       2´6´´   (0,75m)
DISPL.:       4100 lbs   (~1700kg)
SAIL:             276 ft²   (~25m²)

In 1996 Phil Bolger has drawn a gaffriged-, in 1997 a dog- house version, both with an unstayed alumast and the same hull.
Plan set includes all versions and are available from:

Phil Bolger & Friends, Inc.
P.O. Box 1209, 29 Ferry St.
Gloucester, MA 01930, USA
Fax: 978-282-1349

Bootsbau ohne Garten

seabird original
seabird modified version

building steps
building step 1   Model
building step 1a more model pictures
building step 2   The new workshop
building step 3   Preparations
building step   Keel & Bottom
building step 5   Horn assembly
building step   Bulkheads & Transom
building step 7   Hardware & Vents
building step   Stringers & Clamps
building step 9   Rudder
building step 10 Side panels & Bilge panels
building step 11 Main sheer moldings & windows
building step 12 Tabernacle posts
building step 13 Deck
building step 14 Cockpit

going around the boat
scarfing tool
load handling

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