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  *Pictures from ABC Screen Caps, GH World 2 + 3, GH Screen Caps, and PC Screen Caps.

2003 Top Tens

2002 Top Tens



Top Ten Words and Phrases Overused by Casey - PC

Top Ten Signs your husband is a psycho - GH

Top Ten Lessons Maxie has learned in the past year - GH



Top Ten Reasons why the GHers have no clue what's going on with the PCers - GH & PC

Top 40 obvious clues Rafe has failed to pick up on - PC

Top Ten Things in Livvie's Purse (hehe, another Livvie one!) - PC

Top Ten reasons why Liz can't decide between Jason and Zander - GH

Top Ten things you'll never hear Livvie say - PC

(Not Top 10 but funny all the same!) PC Cast goes to the Maury Show - A Parody

Top Ten Rejected Story Arc Ideas - PC

Courtney's Top Ten Pet Peeves - GH

Marissa's Top Ten Pet Peeves - PC

Top Ten Signs Your Wife Is Lying To You - PC

Top Ten Things We Missed Out On Seeing If There Had Been A 2002 Nurses' Ball - GH & PC



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