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Snowball's Journey
"...I stretch out my arm
and toss my soul to the air..."
by R. Glasser

Hi, my name is Eskiegal. Welcome to my homepage. This is a picture of me and my American Eskimo Dog Snowball.I'm the one on the right. This picture was taken after Snowball was entered in a dog show and won First Prize in the Happiest Dog Competition!

Snowball was "pre-owned"....I adopted her from the Humane Society 6 years ago, after I looked into those soft brown eyes with the white eyelashes. Snowball developed epilepsy in March of 1998. Our lives have not changed too much by this.She takes her phenobarbital twice a day, and I worry alot. But all in all, we can't complain. We are on a wonderful journey, my Snowball and I.

What I learned:

You don't always get what you asked for.....sometimes you get more

Most people are far more arrogant than they should be

We risk broken hearts when we choose to love

I have wealth that money has no power over

What matters is that you do what is right, and that it is part of who you are

I think my dog is my guardian angel

I am more wonderful than I thought, but not as great as I'd like to be

What fun it is to make this journey

I don't think animals are here to serve man; they have an inherent right to be here

Find the joy in life

Laugh as much as possible

Laugh some more.....

If you see a lost dog, stop and help

Every time I get too impressed with myself, something happens to remind me why I shouldn't

Our planet is finite....treat it gently

One person can make a difference....one person at a time

Look deep inside.....everything you need is right there

Snowball, American Eskimo Dog

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