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 Welcome to Mystical Oasis Farms...

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       There is a place...
A place where the tall, majestic Thoroughbreds rule like the kings they are.
Where racing reigns supreme over the land...
And where the only stop is after the finish line.
It is here, on the endless acres of lush, green turf at Mystical Oasis Farms
that the Thoroughbreds come...
It is where they are bred and raised under the green roofs of the airy white barns...
It is where their hooves thunder upon the churned dirt of the tracks...
It is where they run because they love to...
It is where their legacies are born, and where their spirits are untamed...
It is where they become Champions.

Welcome... to Mystical Oasis Farms.

Mystical Oasis Farms is one of the largest Thoroughbred breeding,
training, and racing stables within the simulation world of Wish Horse.
Our racing teams carry the soul of the farm on their strong shoulders
as they race towards glory:
Our yearlings give us hopes and dreams.
Our two year olds bring us joy and inspiration.
Our three year olds show us charisma and brilliance.
Our older horses teach us wisdom and paitence.

Together, they create one of the most powerful racing teams in Wish Horse.
And we are proud to call each and every one of these amazing horses a part of Mystical Oasis Farms.

/\ BREEDER'S CUP 2003 ALERT - Follow Team MOF on the road to the 2003 Breeder's Cup World Thoroughbred Championships at THE WORKS.

creating the champions of today... the legends of tommorrow.

Recent Stars & Stakes Winners

/\ INCIDENT AT BELMONT - Breeder's Cup Classic Prep #3 (GII)
/\ 4TH TORNADO - Breeder's Cup Distaff Prep #3 (GII)
/\ CAESAR - Breeder's Cup Juvenile Turf Prep #3 (GIIT)
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