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+08 November 04+ Hmmmm ... maybe we should have let the South secede from the nation in the Civil War. Then they could elect whatever yokel they want for president and the coastal states could elect someone who has heard of seperation of church and state and isn't a homophobe. Read "Patriot Games" for my own heartbreaking account of the day last week when my candidate and my home basketball team lost.
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Syrup The icing on the cake, the syrup on the- yeah, you get it

Simply Redhead
Remember that freckle-face dork with the red pigtails from middle school? Well, she got tired of being called Pippi real fast ... read about the pain you blondes and brunettes caused the redheaded populace and visit the redheaded shrine and atone for your sins!

Simply Redhead

"So I was deep-sea fishing in the middle of the Pacific when I needed a pad. Captain Bob only had tampons."

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I like your pants around your feet

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