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Class of '94 - 10-year Reunion

Nipro Miami Convention 2004

Event Planning Company in Washington D.C.

Class of 1992 - ONLINE COMMUNITY

Class of 1994 - DECEMBER REUNION

Class of 1986 Calls on Old Girls

Queen's College Fund

Searching! Searching!

Looking for an Old Friend?

Class of '94 10-year reunion

T-Shirts from the QCOG (Class of '94) reunion are now on sale. Please get in touch with Adaeze Anyaoku for details.

Nipro Global Convention, Miami 2004

NiPRO, a sub-division of the AFRican Professional Network, is hosting a two-day convention in Miami to establish a global network of young Nigerian professionals. The aim of the convention is to develop blueprints for a 21st Century Nigerian Youth Agenda in 5 key sectors; Health, Education, Law, Finance & Information Technology/Telecom. Visit NiPRO Convention for more details.

Event Planning and Consulting in Washington D.C.

QCOG Simisola Marinho has embarked on an Event Planning and Consulting venture along with three other Nigerians. Located in the Washington DC Metro Area, Quanesis provides full, event management servcies. Services include consultations, site planning, vendor contract negotiations and scheduling. Quanesis also offers wedding planning and coordination. Please visit the site at

Class of 1992 - ONLINE COMMUNITY
To ALL Graduates of 1992,
An Online community has been set up....You are invited to join us at

Looking forward to hearing from all QC 92 graduates!

Class of 1994 - DECEMBER REUNION
Hi everyone. We really would like to have a reunion in December in Nigeria. Could any one who's interested, e-mail me at with suggestions and/or contact details of other class of '94 old girls. It's been 7 years since we've left and we are hoping to get everyone together and have a good time. We would also be making plans for our next re-union which will hopefully take place in 2004. Take care.
Ngover Ihyembe

Class of 1986 Calls on Old Girls
The Class of 1986 QCOGA is calling on all Old Girls who graduated in'86. Please Contact the Association or email Audrey Ezigbo (nee Kanu) at

Queen's College Fund
I am writing to share with you a great idea I have. I think we should raise some money for our great alma mater, QC. I think this can be used to purchase learning aids: computers, projectors, etc to enhance the skills of the current students.

Being exposed to the American culture, we know what great emphasis is laid on giving back to the community. We have all been involved at school or at work in various volunteer projects to assist the underpriviledged. At the same time, we donate money to charities and non for profit organizations that cater to the needy.

Most of what we are today comes from our own hardwork, choices and sacrifice, but a significant portion depends on our educational backgrounds, the values of dedication, hardwork and integrity instilled on us during our time in QC.

I would like to obtain your feedback on the feasibility of such a fund, your interest, and suggestions on the processes and logistics that would make this possible.

I have great passion for this and hope that you share in my excitement. Remember, all that counts in the end is what impact we've made in other people's lives. Collectively, we can make a difference.

Thank you,
Oluseyi Lawal. (class of 92)

Searching for an Old Classmate!

My name is Azuka Echelibe i would be glad if i can be hooked back with an old friend whose name is Enwugbora Chidi from the 2002 set. My e-mail address is

My name is Titilola Akerele and I'm trying to reach Taiwo Sanyaolu who left QC in 1982 (form 5). I can be reached at
Thank you.

August 30, 2002

My name is Chioma and I'm in the states presently and would like to look up and say hello to Omoyeme Okojie. I can be reached via email on
Thank you.

The first meeting for the OGQC class of 88 UK was held in March 2002 (this year); Another is to be held in June 2002. If you graduated in '88, please get in touch with either Alaba Dayo Payne or Zuoke Acha @ the following addresses: or
. Thanks

Hello all, I would like to set up a planning committee for a donation fund to QC
by the class of 1992. The aim of the committee will be to
1. establish a fundraising program for a donation fund
2. plan some activities to mark our 10th year anniversary
3. establish guidelines for use and accountability with the fund
4. raise awareness and publicize our efforts.

I think we would need representatives from London, Lagos and the U.S.
since this is where most of us live.

Please let me know if you'll be interested, this is the time to put our
dreams into action.
take care, all

P.s. my phone # is 919 403 7954 if anyone wants to reach me.

My name is Teide Brisibe i want to get in touch with who graduated from qc with me in 1990 Chioma Eze. We were all in SS3W. My e-mail addy is

My name is Akinsanmi Titilayo and I am and i finished with the class of '96. I would like to get in touch Fatima Aliyu,Gimbiya Galadima, Ummu Bajoga and Sadiya Ahmed . We were all in SS3W. My e-mail addy is

My name is Evelyn Iriajen (nee Ivowi) and I would like any information on how to reach Bolanle Akindahunsi Class of '89. I can be contacted at

My name is Rasheedat Oladimeji (Class 1999) and I am looking for a very close friend, Oluwatosin Ifelola Oyeleye (Class of 2000). If anybody knows her whereabouts, kindly contact Rasheedat at as soon as possible.

My name is Funlayo Alabi. I was known by my QC mates as Veronica Munis. If anyone knows the whereabouts of Dayo Olumide please let me know. I can be reached at

Zuoke Nwaigwe who graduated in 88 is looking for Tayo Mabadeje who graduated the same year. If anyone knows here whereabouts could you please contact Zuoke at

My name Ijeoma AnusionwuI'd be really grateful if anyone could contact me regarding the whereabouts of these ladies. A means of contacting them too would be really nice:
  1. Yinka Thompson
  2. Deola Eribake
  3. Hauwa Inuwa
  4. Brenda Achukwu
  5. Yeye Ogbe

Thanks a bunch!
Ijeoma Anusionwu
Class of 1995

My name is Eno Akanessien and I would love to hear from Lara Lawal. We both graduated in the same year, 1988. Could anyone who has even the slightest bit of info concerning her and/or her whereabouts please advise me asap? I can be reached at

Yinka Gansallo is looking for Kemi Sokenu's (Graduated 89/90) e-mail address. Yinka can be contacted at you.

I wonder if anyone knows the whereabouts of Ngozi Obi. We left QC in '81 and she went on to UI to study French. I'd like to get in touch with her. Contact Peju Ajayi-Obe. Thanks.

My name is Abisoye Owoaje, i finished from QC in June 1988, i'm trying to locate the whereabouts of Sarah Ijomah who also finished in the same year. The last time I heard from her was in 1995, when she was studying medicine at Trinity College Ireland.

My name is Caroline Folake Adebakin (nee Akinjewe) and I would like to Contact Ngozi Mbonu. I Think she finished in 1984 (upper 6), I finished 1985. If anyone knows of her whereabouts please contact me at

This is Yetunde Fanimokun and I am looking for Sharon Lawson QC set 1995. If anyone has any info of where she is could you please let me know. Thank You

My name is Esther Bredell, formally Oguamanam. I graduated from QC in 1984. My sister Heather Oguamanam and I are interested in catching up with any other '84 QC grads. I Live in Raleigh, North Carolina and Heather is in Maryland. You can reach us at

Hi my name is Lolade Onolaja , and im looking for Halima Usman she was in danfodio house class of 97 and she was muslim prefect. Also I'm looking for Deola Eribake she was in obasa house i think she was in class of 96 I'm not too sure. and also Motunrayo Adewole she was in danfodio house and she was in class of 96 or 95 thank you.

Hi, My name is Florence Duru(class of 91) and I'm posting this message on behalf of Lara Aje who is seriously searching for Victoria Daniels(friend and classmate). Anyone who has her contact address should please get in touch with me through this address: so I can let Lara know. Alternatively, Lara Aje can be reached through her workplace (UBA Plc, Ebute-Metta branch, Lagos, Nigeria. Tel: 234-1-4701356/357 or 4701276).

Hi, my name is Abioye Habib, and I would really like to get in touch with Abiola Osonowo. We were just about to begin our year in JS3 when i left in 1995. So she probably graduated with the class of 1999. She was a day student while i was in the boarding house. If anyone knows of her whereabouts, i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

My name is Tosyn Bucknor, I am lookin for Khadijat Abu Efunjoke house. If u have an email address for her, pls let me know, mine is
Thanks [posting date - Dec 6th, 2002]

My name is Juyi Ojo (nee Ojumu), and I would like to contact Yetunde Ogunsola We were in Lower six class together (86/87). I could be reached at,
Thanks [posting date - Dec 6th, 2002]

My name is Dolapo Olusanmokun, and I'm looking for Terngu Maagbe and Tomi Segun Matthews of the 2001 set. Please if anyone knows their whereabouts and could let me know, I would really appreciate it. They can contact me at
Thanks [posting date - Dec 6th, 2002]

My name is Lola Odedina (nee ONI-OKPAKU). I would like to get in touch with an old classmate - Ohunwa Taiwo Eribo. If anyone has information pls contact me on
Thanks [posting date - Dec 6th, 2002]

This is Mowale Mark-Obaba QC 1993 set. I'd appreciate if someone can please email me Lola Tubi's . email /contact address/telephone. Thanks a mil! [posting date - Dec 6th, 2002]

Looking for an Old Friend from QC?

We are inviting any QCOGs who would like to get in touch with old friends to contact us at webmaster@qcyl.comLet us know some details about the person(s) and we'll put up an ad on this page. If you have found an old friend or classmate, please let us know so we can remove your posting. Thanks.

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