Pass on the torch still brightly gleaming,
Pass on the hopes, the earnest dreaming
To those who follow close at hand.
Pass on the thoughts, the skills, the learning;
Pass on the secret in most yearning
That they may build where we have planned.

Pass on the songs, pass on the laughter,
Pass on the joy that others after
May tread more lightly on their way.
Pass on the faith that naught can alter,
Pass on the strength lest they should falter
In hours of stress some future day.

Pass on the firm determination
To guide a later generation
By gentle influence in the home.
Pass on the health, the youthful vigour,
Pass on the love that can transfigure,
The darkest hours that yet may come.

Pass on the torch, the cry inspring
Unites us here in hopes untiring,
In bonds no future years can sever.
We forward press not backward turning;
That this our torch more brightly burning
May yet pass on and on forever.

O Lord, by whose manifold grace,
All things work together for good to them that love Thee.
Establish, we pray Thee the things that Thou has wrought in us
And make this school a field which the Lord has blessed.
That whatsoever things are true, pure, lovely and of good report
May here forever flourish and abound.
Preserve in it an unblemished name,
Enlarge it with a wider usefulness,
And exalt it with the love and reverence of all its members
As an instrument of Thy glory.

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1997 Simisola Marinho