am Deepak Dasalukunte a masters graduate in
System-On-Chip design from Lund Institute of Technology, Sweden and presently with Dept of Electroscience working for a European Union project called MAGNET Beyond

......go through the links to know more abt me, my friends, interests, and wht i do.....
more about me
nambayz....my core frnds group (pronounced as Nambaais)

more of my friends....who other than nambayz have been close to me

desi gang in SWEDEN                    

past & present work
lth ...please skip this if u r not interested in technical things...
rri ...best days of my life
sasken ...my short stint into being a s/w engg

travel in EUROPE
中中勺oming soon中中
4 yrs of engg at tumkur
Berlin & Dresden, Germany
Kolmarden, Norrkoping, Sweden
中中勺oming soon中中
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