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***It doesn't appear that Hogan will make it to WrestleMania 20 because he joined another wrestling company and wrestling in Japan. ***Brock Lesner may have a serious ACL tear and may be out of action for a couple of weeks. ***Haas has a concussion and Shelton Benjamin has a serious ankle injury. :( ***Sylvan Grenier has a back injury and may be out for a month or two. ***Spike had a concussion when he his head hit the table on Raw
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  I am still in shock that little Crash passed away.  In three weeks three great wrestlers passed away.  First Stu Hart, second Hawk, and now Crash Holly.  I just want to state that yes, Crash was a great wrestler even if the WWE didn't give Crash the proper respect as he gave the WWE.  He debuted as cousin of Hardcore Holly's.  It was a great story line and this is what he is going to be own for. 
   However, he will always be known as the greatest Hardcore champion holding the title about 22 times.  That we the peak of his carrer when he was the first to take advantage of the 24/7 rule.  In June, he was let go by the WWE because he wasn't a money maker anymore, which is bull because he was a great wrestler which was overlooked.  He will be missed.
Michael Lockwood aka "Crash Holly" passes away at the age of 32
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