Redwall Readers Club:
this club is great for all who love Redwall.  You get newsletters,
     posters, and a whole bunch of other stuff that I'll list below.  For
     more info on the club, click
*here*. { PS when it's time to renew
     your membership you'll be sent a notice}

There are things you can buy when you're a member of the club:
     -baseball cap
     -there used to be a totebag; I'm not sure if it's there anymore
*here* to see my scans of the order forms for merchandise
I have also received through the club: (scans coming soon; click on the name)
-bookmarks - 3 different ones
stickers - absolutely gorgeous with Urthstripe, Martin & Ferahgo
sculptures - Grumm, Martin, Matthias, Laterose, Bungo
posters! - I have a giant Legend of Luke poster and a very long
          Lord Brocktree one.  I've also just received a giant Taggerung
          poster that is gorgeous, and a smaller poster with the American
          covers of all 14 books on it.  I'll try scanning them in sections
collector cards - I've got 2 American ones & 3 British ones
           also click
*here* to see the excellent card guide on

Other items:
-radio plays
audio cassettes
Redwall animated movie

*HERE* to see the official Redwall giftshop.
There are many Redwall products besides the books.  Here's a list of some of them.  Pictures coming soon when I can scan them.
(C) Christopher Denise
(C) Christopher Denise
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