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Reiki Breathing Technique

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Getting Started

This technique is for self-treatment and uses the breath as a way of focusing Reiki on an area of concern or one that needs healing.

Like other such techniques there is no "magic" to it. The details or the "ritual" of the technique are of distinctly secondary importance to your intention.

As with other spiritual work, it is ideal but not necessary to perform it in a space conducive to such work. For some practitioners this can be anywhere as they can focus and create such a space wherever they are. For others it may be more useful to have a particular spot dedicated to such work. Use whatever suits your temperament.

Take a moment or two to settle yourself down. Some ways you can do this are described in the Meditation Pages on this site. Frame an intention to do healing work.

The Technique

As you breathe in deeply through your nose, visualize that you are drawing in Reiki energy. Direct this Reiki Breath to the area of concern. Then visualize the Reiki Breath absorbing the negative energy from the problem area.

In some cases where the problem is a feeling, you might imagine the Reiki Breath becoming dirty in the process much like water used in washing becomes dirty. I use this imagery to deal with stress, anger or other unhelpful emotions.

In some cases where the problem is a specific issue like a tumor or a pain in a part of the body, you might imagine the Reiki Breath as a swirling wind which penetrates into the problem and dissolves it trapping the negative energy in its vortex. Here you breathe in clean pure air and exhale smoky air.

Then exhale through your mouth intending that the negative energy be sent up to the Reiki source to be dealt with there.

You can repeat the process as many times as you feel the need.

There is no need to hold one's breath during the entire process. You may do that. Or you may hold your breath for a while and then exhale a bit, a so-called "soft" hold. Many find that a "soft" hold allows them to hold their breath longer. You can also breathe in and out, visualizing the drawing in of fresh Reiki Breath on each inhalation and the expelling of negative energy on each exhalation. Try each of these techniques. Then use whatever works best for you.

These are only some of the ways in which you can use Reiki Breath. There are as many others as your intuition gives you. You might visualize it as a light which dispels darkness, a source of warmth which penetrates deeply into a problem, or an icy blast which freezes it, etc. The common theme to all of them is drawing in clean healing energy (positive energy) and expelling negative energy.

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