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Torres High School Batch '78 News Page
"Our aim is to link us together as we prepare for our 25th Grand Anniversary Reunion in the year 2003.

March 2002 Edition

Game Na Kami....

    We would thank Leah Espino-Ponio for hosting the first "batch meeting" this year at The Makati Sports Club.  The minutes of the meeting was provided by Perlie Gonzales. See the pictures of our best nine batchmates who started drafting plans and committees for the Grand Reunion next year.   Our heartfelt thanks to Ross Misa, Perlie Gonzales, Edna Adriano-Gillera, Leah Espino-Ponio, Malou Santos, Rey Medenilla, Nelson Ceña, Beng Ceña and Dodie Morales for a job well done. 

Diana's Homecoming: A GLORIOUS PANDEMONIUM......

   My eyes were teary from joy while reading this email from Fr. Erick.  This is one of the most memorable reunion ever held in the batch.  Iba talaga ang samahan sa Torres High. Diana must have gone back to the USA with a very big heart.  Once again the batch has defined the true meaning of friendship and camaraderie. 

Kitakits Uli Sa Saisaki, Diana - Take Two ....

   A smaller get together turned out to be bigger than foursome.  You will see the more personal and intimate side of Diana's barkada.  Her visit paved the way to reminisce the good old times and share stories of each one's challenges.  Sabi nga ni Paring Erick, "Kulang pala ang isang Linggo para matapos ang huntahan."

Buddy to Buddy.....

  This section will demonstrate to us the buddy system in our batch.  It is people helping people.  Do you need to find a buddy?  Send your "Buddy to Buddy" request to your geographic contacts.

>>> Please help us find the following buddies:
(Requested by Val & Ompong)

 Melanio Gatchalian
Minerva Encarnacion
Anthony Senador
Aimee Librojo

Newly-Found Buddy.....
Another SS-Libra was linked to us by Ompong Nacianceno..... Ernie Mercado .  Here is what we have on him so far.....
New Email Addresses:

   Please change or add the following email addresses in your list.  Also notify us if your email address changed.  If you know the email address of other batchmates who has not contacted us yet, please let us know and we will contact them.

Ernie Mercado
ernie.mercado@wamu.net or
Joseph Po
Happy Birthday
Roy Inocencio - Mar 8
Ross Misa - Mar 22
Elmer Pangan - Mar 24
Ariel Ciego - Mar 29
Happy Anniversary
Happy Priestly Ordination Anniversary
Fr. Erick Santos & the LORD's 15th
- Mar 6
Roy & Josie Inocencio's 12th
-Mar 31
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....or rather Re-Definitions.  Hope you enjoy it as much as Ingga (Cora Grande) did.

Send us an email us for comments and suggestions.

Fr. Erick Santos  @ henrique@info.com.ph
Felix Parado  @ lex_parado@yahoo.com
Rey Bisda  @ rbisda@osfinc.com

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Game Ka Na Ba?.....
Game Na Kami !!!

     Under Leah's initiative, the Manila Core Group met again.  They laid down the plans and created committees for the 25th Grand Reunion in 2003.  We admire the fast and comprehensive response of the group.  You can make out from the minutes of the meeting that we are dealing here with great achievers.  To lay down what they came up with in two & a half hours, it's amazing.  And they will not stop there, they have Perlie's persistence....they have scheduled a follow-up meeting on March 3.  We can almost smell the success of the coming reunion......Thanks to these nine caring leaders who volunteered their time to for such a noble cause.  Don't forget to click on the link below to see more pictures.

Nelson Ceña, Beng Ceña, Edna Adriano-Gillera, Leah Espino-Ponio,  Malou Santos, Perlie Gonzales, 
Rey Medenilla, Dodie Morales and  Ross Misa during the Core Group Meeting

February 02, 2002
Makati Sports Club
3:00 p.m.

Agenda:  To discuss plans for the Year 2003 Batch ’78 General  Reunion 

Attendees:   Ross Misa, Edna Adriano-Gillera, Leah Espino-Ponio, Malou Santos, Rey Medenilla, Nelson Ceña, Beng Ceña, Dodie Morales and Perlie Gonzales

The attendees, aside from Rey and Malou,  started to arrive Leah’s office (original venue) at  around 2:30 p.m. last Saturday.    Last to arrive is Edna Adriano-Gillera (before 3:00 p.m.).  The group decided to change venue and proceeded at The Makati Sports Club located just across Philamlife Building in Salcedo Village, Makati City.

Leah suggested to come up with ideas for the grand reunion which will be sent to the other batch mates overseas for their review and suggestions.    Discussed were the following:

  • Venue (THS oval or Manila Cathedral)   -A streamer will be posted inside and outsside the school
  • Dates for the Grand Reunion / Homecoming (Last week of June to July, October or December 2003 - hitting two birds with one shot) 
  • Poster homes for the Homecomers
  • Activitities    - Homecoming     - Outing (optional)    - Faarewell Dinner
  • Finalize no. of attendees for booking purposes
  • Souvenir (T-shirt, etc.)
  • Fund Raising (sources:  product sponsors such as Coke, Jollibee, concert  by Side A Band, etc.)
  • Project for THS (something tangible)     - Leah to talk to THS management
  • Invite Former Teachers / Guest Speakers
  • Recognition of Outstanding Members in Different Fields
  • Film showing (retro photos as suggested by Edna)    - Video c/o Ross Misa.

A core committee has been established to work on the action items stated above as follows:

Chairperson  - Fr. Erick Santos
Asst. Chairperson - Leah Espino-Ponio
Secretariat  - Perlie Gonzales, Rey Medenilla
    (Invitation, Memorabilia, Registration, etc.)

Committees formed:

Publicity  - Ross Misa, Jessie Guevara
Ways & Means  - (fund raising programs, solicitations)
Foods   - Edna Adriano-Gillera
Program  - Dodie Morales, Bobby Reyes
Finance  - Ruby Atanacio, Ellen Directo-Fabie, Leonor Piging,
    Helen Roque-Pandy, Edmon Liao
Logistics (Physical Arrangements, Travel, etc.) - Nelson & Beng Ceña, Edgar 
First Aid  - Dra. Ching Cabildo, Olive Griarte-Sena

Leah suggested a gunt (not sure of the spelling) chart to monitor status of activities.   Ross suggested  to get names / addresses from each section from Torres high School / Annual (’78) and assign a point person / class who will serve as  coordinators. 

The group came up with the  following objective: “REUNITE AND GATHER AS MANY MEMBERS FROM THE BATCH ‘78”. 

THEME – c/o Fr. Erick (must have social relevance).  Key words were formulated  such as: “Samahan”, “25 Years”, “Sama-sama”, “Sept. 11 events”, “Torresian, Iba Ka!”, “Walang Iba”, “Walang Bibitiw”, “Heto Na Kami, Batch ’78!”, “Anak ng Torres Kami, Kayo?”

Malou  requested  everybody  from the group to concentrate on the immediate three (3) committees first. Committee composition will be refined in the next meeting (March 3, 2002 at 7:00 p.m., Ayala  BallRoom at The Makati Sports Club), right after the celebration of Leah’s brother’s (Noe) first year death anniversary.

As there is nothing more to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 5:30 p.m.

Prepared by:



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It wasn't a pleasant Monday evening in the beginning.  Metro Manila's
traffic jam was at its worst.  Besides, one finds it difficult to cope with
Monday sickness.  No one would ever dare set a date on this day of the week.

Edmund Liao kept on telling me that it's his car ban day.  And so did
Evelyn Alcaraz-Muallil.  But Dr. Ching Cabildo-Albornoz and I felt that
time is so short.  It's not everyday that one gets to see the divine Diana
Lansangan-Gonzalez,  one of the female babes of THS Batch '78 . . . the
darling of Cancer . . . the teachers' favorite . . . and Moises Sta. Ana's
cry baby.  She was staying for only one week.  Never mind if it was a
Monday.  It's got to happen we thought.

Moises Sta. Ana fetched Olive Griarte Seña from her Antipolo Street home
and decided to hitch a ride with me.  Imagine how surprised the people who
saw them were as they continually quarelled where my church was.  Moises
was thinking of Espiritu Santo, also in Tayuman but in Sta. Cruz district.
Olive was sure, oh so sure, that they were bound for Tondo side as she is
almost a regular church-goer here.  But Moises would not surrender.  Even
as we were leaving my church premises, they were still nagging each other.
 I was amused.  We were headed for a riot.

As we were  buying lechon from La Loma and while the quarrel was in
progress, Ching called me to check where we were.  She was undescribably
excited. We arrived at 92 Scout Rallos St., Quezon City around fifteen
minutes ahead of time. Ching's little angels were the "welcome committee."
Soon after,  Leah Espino Ponio arrived with her baby at 5:55 p.m.  Waiting
for others to arrive was like eternity.  Moises was playing the piano when
Leah arrived.  She greeted me, Olive and Ching and looked puzzlingly at
Moises.  She kept pestering me as to who that man was.  And she bursted
into laughter upon recalling that it was  Moises the Menace!

Leah and Moises did several duets on the piano, including Bluemoon which
was our favorite piece when unwinding at the Espino Residence in Balut
decades ago.

Edmund Liao who took an MRT train from Makati and hitched a ride with
Evelyn Alcaraz Muallil whose house is just around the corner.  Then, Rey
Santos and wife Tess together with their son came.  Eleanor Directo Fabie,
Perlie Gonzales and Leonor River Piguing were in one car pool also from
Makati.  It was almost past seven.  Diana was still missing in action, lost
in the maddening trafic jam in Mandaluyong .  Ferdie Lomibao sneaked in
from his work at nearby GMA Channel 7.   He was an instant hit.  Moises
took fancy on Ellen.  She must be his old crush.  Ealier,  he kept on
asking me, "Darating ba 'yung kaibigan ni Ofelia Celestino na malaking
babae?" (referring to Ellen).  He was kinda excited about the prospect. 

I was already sending endless text messages to Diana.  Ferdie had to report
for work and promised to return. 

Slowly, the buffet table was being completed:  Lechon, kare-kare, pancit,
laing, lengua, adobo, embotidong isda, sapin-sapin . . . and a lot more.
Ching's chinese wine was a good starter.  Evelyn's home made chocolates
were a hit.  It was noisy. Everyone was poking fun at Moises . . .
recalling that he was every girl's nightmare.  Of course, the diakono of
the Iglesia ni Kristo has mellowed a lot.

A little past eight, Diana made the grand entrance.   She tried to recall
everybody and unconsciously did not notice Moises.  Then, a second look.  A
third.  And she broke into a boisterous laughter upon realizing that she
was confronting her tormentor.  They embraced.  Moises uttered, "Sa wakas,
nayakap na din ako ni Diana!"  Yes, after twenty something years. I asked
Diana how many times Moises made her cry.  She has lost count.

In the nick of time, tire supply empress Mercedes Conejos came . . . at
first, shy and uneasy until she was buried deep into endless kumustahan and
chickahan.  She was forced to come when I thretened not to give her holy
communion if she snobs the affair.  Endless phone calls from me, Diana and
Ching made her reluctantly decide to say hello to yesterday.

Ferdie did a come-back.  Then came the much-awaited entrance of Edna
Adriano Gilera, also a victim of the Moises regime since grade school.  Oh,
Edna!  She's always unforgettable.  Then came Nelson and Beng Ceña and
joined the last group who partook of the gastronomic delights at the table.
 Soon after,  it was Ross Misa's turn to pull Diana a surprise.   Sa wakas,
nabuo na ang barkada!

Food and drinks were flowing.  Diana was ecstatic.  Never mind if her
children were a little sick.  Dr. Ching offered an instant check up and a
bedroom upstairs for them to rest.  It was nice to see Ching's children
volunteering to take care of the Gonzalez' toddlers. 

Diana gave each lady a pair of earrings.  A toast was proposed by Leah. It
was nice of Leah to stay.  Her son and the little baby girl wanted to go
home to far Parañaque. She decided to send her children home with the
driver.  She was suppose to leave earlier but could not disappoint Diana.
Edmon offered to bring her home. Malou left for her husband's birthday
dinner but sent me a text message that she was coming back.  After what
seemed like a quick dinner, she was indeed back!  But not after asking me
to assure her that I would arrange a ride home for her.  Ellen graciously

In the midst of what was like People Power, Rey Bisda was on the phone
talking with Cancer friends alternately.  He must have been painted with
envy.  And like Malou and Ferdie,  Rey did a come back on the phone later
during the night! He was monitoring the event.  It was an intercontinental

An informal meeting was held regarding the Homecoming.  A second planning
meeting was set . . . this time, hosted by Mercedes in their family resort
in Majayjay, Laguna.  That will be in April.  And we'll be laughing and be
little children once more for two days! 

More prospects were discussed:  an Ai Ai de las Alas show at Music Museum
for a fund raiser;  bingo social; etc.

But the plans for the homecoming seemed unimportant then.   We had to make
the most out of that evening.  There was so much space for laughters and
giggles.  Ferdie's endless jokes and funny recollections brought the house
down. As the evening drew deep, Moises decided to take it more personally,
he went around doing tete-a-tete to his friends.  He whispered to me,
"Enrique, puro doña na pala mga kaeskwela natin . . ."  Ferdie commented,
"Ang gaganda ng mga babae pero puro kaboses ni Inday Badiday."

Of course we had the customary group picture taking.  Perlie was caught by
the camera retouching her lipstick to everyone's delight.  We had more food
to eat and stories to tell. But we've been there for several hours already.
  One needed to have the courage to say, "Uwian na!"  Because nobody seemed
to like to say goodbye.  But it was almost midnight and Diana's children
were past asleep upstairs. 

But before the final goodbyes, more flashes of the camera flickered.  It
was free for all as to which ulam one wanted to take home.   I decided to
take Olive's laing . . . if only for this, one could fall in love with her.
 But Ferdie was present! 

Ching, the perfect hostess was consistently composed and in control until
the end.  How I admire this woman.  And her love for dear Diana . . .

As we were headed home, I took a look at Merlie's daughter. She was amazed
at how these forty year old folks could party!  Unknown to her, we kept in
our hearts that unexplainable joy of being together . . . and the true
meaning of friendship and camaraderie. 

I was sure, the following day, each one had a story to tell . . . 

- From Fr. Erick Santos -






Halos hindi pa kami nakakaraos sa hang-over ng welcome party para kay Diana
sa bahay ni Ching noong Lunes, February 18,  heto na naman ang grupong
Cancer sa paborito naming kainan sa Makati:  Saisaki-Glorietta para sa
isang pribadong hapunan.   Balak talaga nina Ching, Diana at Marilous na
magkita-kita uli.  silang tatlo ang magkakabarkada noong high school.
Pang-apat si Leah.  Pero naulinigan namin ang plano nila.   Di kami pumayag
na di kami kasama.  Bukod sa gusto naming makasama uli si Diana,
nakakahinayang namang palagpasin ang masarap na sushi, sashimi, sukiyaki at
tempura sa Saisaki.

February 20, 2002.  Miyerkules.  May misa ako ng 6:00 p.m.  Halos mataranta
ang secretary ko nang sabihan ko siyang humanap ng ibang pari.  Naramdaman
niyang may mahalaga akong appointment.  Malayo sa sitwasyon noong Lunes ang
traffic.  Nagawa namin ni Roland, driver ko, na mabagtas ang layo ng
Tayuman sa Makati sa loob lang ng 45 minutes.  Nagkita kami ni Ellen sa
basement parking.  May sobra pa kaming oras.  Nakaikot pa muna kami at
dumaan sa Chowking para bumili ng iced tea.  Nasalubong namin si Leah na
hinahanap ang Lego Store sa Glorietta. 

Pagdating namin sa Saisaki, nandoon na si Diana, ang dalawa niyang anak, si
Malou at Ching.  Kagagaling lang nila sa isang very private conversation .
. . actually, an in-depth sharing tungkol sa buhay-buhay.   Dumating si
Ferdie in his splendid tuxedo.  Siya ang escort ng anak niya sa JS Prom sa
Manila Hotel.  Tumakas muna siya para makasama kami.  Di nagtagal, dumating
na rin si Edmon kasama ang misis niyang si Lala.  Nandoon na rin si Leah.
Humahangos na dumating si Rey Medenilla galing sa klase niya sa Pamantasan
ng Makati na kung saan siya ang Asst. Dean ng College of Arts and Science.
Hanggang sa sumunod sina Mercedes at Leonor na dala-dala ang isang bagong
discovery at sorpresa:  si Romana Reyes.  Mukhang nawiwili nang
maki-gimmick si Mercedes na dating panay ang iwas kapag pinag-uusapan ang
pagkikita-kita ng magkakaklase.

Masarap ang pagkain.  Masarap din ang tawanan.  Sayang at kailangang umuwi
kaagad ni Leah dahil nasa Cebu ang asawa niya at hinihintay siya ng mga
bata sa bahay.  Pero tuloy pa rin ang parang walang katapusang kuwentuhan.
Hanggang sa unti-unti nang pinapatay ang ilaw sa Saisaki.  Unti-unti na
ring inaalis anf mga pagkain sa buffet table.  Pero nagsisimula pa lang
kami . . .

Pasado alas diyes na ng gabi.  Nagdesisyon ang grupo na maglakad papuntang
Hotel Intercon kung saan naka-check in ang mga Gonzalez.  Tulog na ang mga
anak ni Diana.  Kinarga niya ang lalaki niyang anak.  Kinarga ni Edmon yung
babae.  Para kaming mga batang namamasyal sa Makati.  Malayo man sa parking
namin ang Intercon, sama pa rin kami.  Hanggang sa suite na inookupa nina
Diana.  Tukoy ang kuwentuhan.  Umorder ng kape.  Nagbukas ng mga
makukutkot.  Si Ferdie nahiga sandali sa kama kasama ang mga anak ni Diana.
 Yung iba, nakasalampak lang sa carpet.  Ang sarap ng kuwentuhan.

Di nila alam, malayo na nararating ng isip ko.  Pinagmamasdan ko silang
isa-isa.  Kuntento si Diana sa buhay niya. Maganda ang trabaho niya sa
States. Mabait si Boggs.  Kilalang-kilala ko siya bagamat di pa kami
nagkikita.   Kagalang-galang si Edmon sa suot niyang kurbata.  Noong high
school, tipid na tipid kami sa uniform.  Pareho kaming laki sa hirap.
Literally, magkasama din sa hirap dahil magkabarkada kami.  Suwerte sila ni
Lala sa isa't isa.  Si Romana, seksi pa rin.  Bagama't single parent tulad
ni Ferdie, masaya siya sa buhay.  Pinatapang ng pagsubok.  Very thrilling
ang buhay ni Ferdie.  Kasama siya ng GMA crew sa pagko-cover ng mga battle
zones sa Mindanao.  Pero kaharap niya ang mas mabigat na assignment:  ang
pagpapalaki ng dalawang anak ng mag-isa.

Si Mercedes, natuto na ring mag-relax sa wakas.  Magaling siya sa business.
 Nangako siyang sasama na lagi sa mga ginnick ng grupo.  Si Malou, very
loyal kay Leah.  Tunay na kaibigan.  Masaya married life niya.  Si Ching,
doctor par excellence.  More than her expertise, she has a big heart for
children.  Si Rey,  nirereto namin kay Mercedes.  Kahit mag-isa sa buhay,
may kakaibang taginting ang halakhak niya.  Si Leonor, di na umalis sa
Tundo.  Kahit malayo na ang narating sa career niya sa BIR,  nanatili ang
puso sa kanyang pinag-ugatan.  Si Eleanor,  ang masipag kong accountant.  I
give her an A for loyalty.  She's an oustanding mother, wife and career

And Leah.  She has transformed into a new corporate persona.  Siya yata ang
pinakamalayo ang narating when it comes to maturity.  After all,  23 years
old na yata ang panganay nila ng mister niya. 

Sabi ko sa sarili ko, blessing din ang pag-uwi ni Diana.  Nakakatuwa din
siya kasi pinagpapahalagahan niya ang mga ginawa namin sa pagbabalik niya.
Never mind kung inaantok na mga anak niya;  ang mahalaga, tuloy ang
kuwentuhan at tawanan.  Marami kasi siyang na-missed. 

Marami na rin kaming mga pinagdaanan sa buhay.  Kaya nga nakukuha na naming
tumawa kahit pa bugbog na kami sa dami ng mga pagsubok na dinaanan.
Pinatapang na kami ng mga karanasan . . . singtapang ng brewed coffee na
buong sarap naming hinihigop sa gitna ng di matapus-tapos na kuwentuhan.
Sayang!  Pabalik na si Diana sa States.  Kulang pala ang isang Linggo para
matapos ang huntahan.

Hatinggabi na nag maghiwa-hiwalay kami.  Simula na naman ng pag-iipon ng
mga karanasang pagkukwentuhan sa susunod na kumustahan.

- From Fr. Erick Santos -



Newly Found Buddy

Ernie S. Mercado

     One of the jolly SS-Libras was spotted.  Here is my initial contact with Ernie who has been in Los Angeles for 20 years and is currently an Information Techonology Audit Consultant for a bank called Washington Mutual.  He promised to give us an update on himself and to send us his family picture.  Watch out for the update!!!


-----Original Message-----
From: Ernie S. Mercado [mailto:ernie.mercado@wamu.net]
Sent: Wednesday, January 30, 2002 10:29 AM
To: Buzon, Valentino
Subject: Re: Confirmation


    Boy, it's been a very long time since I got in touch with someone from Torres High. The last two weeks should count as one my memorable ones. Last week, Noel Cabug from Saipan called me at home. This week, I was able to talk to Ompong. And,  to top it all, you, Val "Happy Man" Buzon (Troop 85 Talent Show) E-mailed me. Am I right ? 
    Kidding aside, bayaan mo pare I will E-mail you again after I visit memory lane on things that I did after our High School years and send you pictures of my family as well.


Thanks a lot, Ompong for helping us find Ernie!



Cigarette : A pinch of tobacco rolled in paper with fire at one end & a fool on the other. 
Divorce : Future tense of marriage. 
Lecture : An art of transferring information from the notes of the Lecturer to the notes of the students without passing through "the minds of either" 
Conference : The confusion of one man multiplied by the number present. 
Compromise : The art of dividing a cake in such a way that everybody believes he got the biggest piece.
Tears : The hydraulic force by which masculine will-power is defeated by feminine water power... 
Dictionary : A place where divorce comes before marriage. 
Classic : A book which people praise, but do not read. 
Smile : A curve that can set a lot of things straight. 
Office : A place where you can relax after your strenuous home life. 
Yawn : The only time some married men ever get to open their mouth. 
Etc. : A sign to make others believe that you know more than you actually do.
Committee : Individuals who can do nothing individually and sit to decide that nothing can be done together. 
Experience : The name men give to their mistakes. 
Atom Bomb : An invention to end all inventions. 
Philosopher : A fool who torments himself during life, to be spoken of when dead. 
Diplomat : A person who tells you to go to hell in such a way that you actually look forward to the trip. 
Opportunist : A person who starts taking bath if he accidentally falls into a river. 
Optimist : A person who while falling from Eiffel tower says in midway "See I am not injured yet." 
Pessimist : A person who says that O is the last letter in RO, Instead 0f the first letter in word OPPORTUNITY. 
Miser : A person who lives poor so that he can die rich. 
Father : A banker provided by nature. 
Criminal : A guy no different from the rest... except that he got caught. 
Boss : Someone who is early when you are late and late when you are early. 
Politician : One who shakes your hand before elections and your Confidence after. 
Doctor : A person who kills your ills by pills, and kills you with his bills. 

- Forwarded by Cora Grande -



Buddy to Buddy
  This section will demonstrate to us the buddy system in our batch.  It is people helping people.  Do you need to find a buddy?  Send your "Buddy to Buddy" request to your geographic contacts.

Please help us find the following buddies:

(Requested by Val Buzon)

 Melanio Gatchalian
Minerva Encarnacion

(Still) Wanted:

Maybelle Limasing, Rogelio Isleta, Bien Cruz, Ester Trilliana, Emma Nicholas, Yolanda Wines, Elena Villalon, Caroline Palero-Torres, Bong Lauza, Nenette Kit Cruz, Antonio Ocampo,  Rainier Virgino, Susan Prado, Mario Mendoza, Benilda Inocencio,  Rodel Lachica, Rioben Guzman, Nora Villanueva,
Edgie Endrina, Joseph Carlos, Ernesto Mercado, Dario Francisco, 
Norberto Santiago

If you have information on them please let one of us know