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Latest News (October 12, 2005)
Card of the Week

Schemes of Victory, Palouranos, Rare
At the same time Ravager Affinity was terrorizing the Magic tournament envoronment, I found out green decks based on Ephemerous Delight were one of the most powerful forces on my Homemade League. From there, I designed this card as a foil to aggressive creature-based strategies. From there, the cycle of Schemes was a given.
The Palouranos block is finally done with the release of Cataclysm. Enjoy!.
Forgotten Myths, the second set in the Palouranos block - check it out here.
Palouranos is here! Enjoy.
The first set in my next block has finally been named: it will be called Palouranos. Palouranos is the name of the plane the storyline takes place on, and comes from the greek words "palati" (palace) and "ouranos" (heaven). The block's setting will be inspired by Greek Mythology, and will feature a lot of classic-esque elements.
Trivia: Revenge's expansion symbol is the Alchemist's Brason, a species of bird-shaped stone that, according to Kampa myths, can "give a worthy warrior a new chance to win". It's pretty important in the storyline, and that's why it gets to be the symbol.
Revenge is finally out! Check it out here. And so the Verdict Block is finally complete. Stay tuned for info on my new Magic projects, namely on my next block (codenamed "Here", "There", and "Evenrywhere").




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