Thursday, September 30, 2004

Just took my shower! so late huh! just went to the airport to send Hafis off~ he went back to Malaysia~ hehe. We took quite a number of pictures! hehe. This afternoon, after School, dear and i went to Carousal for a lil' Shopping~ but i didn;t buy anything for myself! =( but i bought clothes for my 3 nieces and nephews! NOw there are 3 Naughty ones that call me "Auntie"~ i have to buy 3 sets of clothings!! =(( BUt i went to look around and i saw many nice clothes!! i didn;t have the time to try.. but i shall go back soonz! HUmph. Had early dinner and ate Macdonalds french fries... so fattening!!! Tommorrow i only 2 lessons!! Yippie! might go to the city or carousal again!

dear is sleeping so soundly right now! hehe. cant sleep so soonz becuase i have to re-install WINDOWS! take damn long... anyways.. Took some Pics yesterday~

Princess At 12:55 AM

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

dear is in a bad mood today~ =( and i know i cannot cheer him up~ that's the worst thing. I just had a test and an oral presetation today~ had to write 2 essays which were worth 45 marks each. i didn't have the time to finish them. =( My last finger have a lil' blister~ but somehow it's starting to heal. =))

I'm hungry~ waiting for dear to come home... hehe. Last night i was at Jason's place with Hafis and we 3 played Pictionary!! it was fun! i MISS SHOPPING! i have to go one of these days. maybe this coming weekend! i desperately need clothes~ =/ alrights, I'm gonna take a napp now~

Princess At 05:41 PM

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Stupid boyfriend of mine just fuckin' hit me on my leg! fuckin' pain now. and he's ignoring me.

STayed home the whole day today. dear was studying and is still studying~ i slept for almost the whole afternoon! felt great, but i'm still feeling tired~ wanted to go shopping for Darren's present today but in the end i didn't go~

Hehe.. dear just apologised. =)) anyway, i gotta go cook supper for dear! ta

Princess At 11:03 PM

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Just had a Test this morning! had to wake up at 8.30AM! Last night i went clubbing~ and only slept at 5AM!! =(( slept for only 3 hours~ *Tired* Was quite fun~ having to drive for a short while~ in a HONDA JAZZ car!! haha. and 2 cars speeding at 120km/hr along the freeway~ fun fun~

These few days dear gave me a very hmm.. sweet feeling. Treats me so nice~ make me Love him more~ hehe. i love you Dearie!! i feel like going shopping now~ dearie sleeping~ AGAIN. i'm bored.. alrightss.. will blog when free~

Princess At 01:27 PM

Sunday, September 19, 2004

My Mum just went off today. =( I miss her. First thing i reached home was Sleep! i was so tired. Finally i had inner with Dear! hehe. When my mum was here.. both me and Dear had good food! Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese and DIm SUm and FIsh and chips! hehe. Dear had his fill every night. hehe.. i like to see Dear eat until he's damn full~

i also bought a few stuffs with my Mum~ bought few slippers.. and 5 tops.. and a jacket.. and a bag and a bottom~ hehe.. the only thing i spend alot the past few days was Parking!! Parking here is so damn expensive~ hehe. but it was very fun driving around to eat~ everyone enjoyed themselves the past few days~

Princess At 10:51 PM

Friday, September 17, 2004

In the library now~ Jason and i didn't went for our class.. we're doing our report noW! Dear went to pLay Golffie~ leaving me alone.. hehe.. Gonna take a bus to the city to meet my Mum! we're going shopping~ feel like going Supre!! but it's too late to go now! haizz.. maybe tomorrow after Fremantle!

I miss dearie already. i wont be able to see him till dinner tonight~ =((

Princess At 02:56 PM

Thursday, September 16, 2004

haha.. i blogged 3 times today~ cant blame me. i have too much time on hand! =)) had Japanese food for dinner. total Bill was about A$130! quite filling. but yesterday's dinner was much cheaper and filling. =( Dear also pefer last night's dinner. he complain so much~ got good food eat he also dont wat.. =)) *Just kidding Dear* i LOVE YOU!

Tomorrow i'll be going shopping with my Mum after school~ then dear will come pick us up and we'll be going to have Mummy's fave Vietnamese foodie!! =)) I'm gonna sleep early today~ so damn tired.. =( tataz.
Oh! thanks for smsing me Joette and tee Yu! =)) Love you babes.

Princess At 11:03 PM

i didn't go to school in the morning. BUt i'll be going later! cos the next lessons are fuN! =)) was browsing thru my old pixxies. miss all of them. i'm so tired right now. Slept late last night~ i cant wait to go meet my mummy!!! =)

-Waiting for dearie to come back now-

Princess At 12:04 PM

hehe.. its my Birthday today~ been so long since i blogged~ heh. kinda weird right now.. but anyways.. i went to the airport this afternoon to pick my Mum and Aunt from the airport.. and then they checked in.. and then we went for dinner together with Dear at Northbrudge~ Came home.. then i went to Hafis's house to bake cookies~ then went to play Pool with Jason~ =))

When i came home.. Dear gave me a surprise.. He left my Birthday present on the bed~ i love them alot.. thanks Dear!! he Bought me a Rusty boobtube and a Roxy board shorts~ =)) how sweet my Dear! i Love YOU!

Got a GUess bag from my sister in law! and a top plus a manicure set from another sis-in-law~ and Shawn for the A/X top!

He called me just now.. and told me a really interesting thingie~ bleah.. Some people just dont have a life. some person just love me~ and it's interesting to see how my life has become so different~ and blah blah blah... think you guys duno what i'm talking about.. but... There's a good show thats coming right to me! =)) btw.. Thanks Jackson~ hehe. gonna have JAP food for dinner tomorrow!!!! YuMmY!

Princess At 01:42 AM

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Boring day~ Went out for early Lunch with Dear~ wanted to have Japanese food at Vic Park but it was closed.. so we went to Karawara instead~ bleah.. Dear is sleeping now~ hehe.. And me... playing Gunbound!! =))

Think i'm gonna cook Dinner tonight~ hehe.. Might join Dear in his sleep~ Bubbye~ hehe.. got a pic of Dear in my bedroom slippers... =pPp

Princess At 04:33 PM

Saturday, September 11, 2004

I went CIty to watch a movie with Kenneth, Hafis and Jason.. we watched "The Terminal"~ Quite a funny MOvie~ hehe.. after the movie.. we came home~ =)) cooked Porridge for my dinner~ so damn full~ and i ate late!! gonna get fatter. Shucks. =(( oh well~ boring now... tired.. whole body aching like hell~ cant walk fast~ cnt sit down properly... dAmn...

Princess At 11:51 PM

Hmm... September 11~ hehe.. Woke up Fucking early this Morning.. (7.50 AM)! have been plaing Gunbound the whole morning till Afternoon!! dear suppose to bring me to City~ but he seems soo tired. he have been sleeping for the past 3 hours~ haiz... BORING~

Mum called me just now~ talk talk abit.. hehe.. so excited that she's coming in 4 days time! and the best thing is.. she's buying Ciggies for me.. =x haha.. Oh well.. I told her i smoke once in a while.. hehe.. i'm tired now.. and kinda feeling hungry.. didn't eat lunch.. and ate a light breakfast~ going for ciggie break nOw~ Ta

Princess At 02:35 PM

Friday, September 10, 2004

Just got back! went to play badminton today for 2 hours~ so damn tired! then went to SPencer Village for dinner with dear , Kenneth and his sister + Bf and ANdrea~ and after dinner went to city with Dear and his Sister~ so tired..... =))

Princess At 10:16 PM

Hehe... classes cancelled today~ duno why.. =pPp nothing much happened~ Have a few reports and Project!! damn. My mum is coming in 5 days time.. hehe.. i cant wait..

Was bored yesterday so i took some pics.. hehehe.. These few days have been quite cold! hate it when it's cold. It' suppose to be hot and SUnny!! =)) ANyways.. later i might go play badminton with my classmates.. hehe.. *WinKz*

Princess At 11:16 AM

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Hehe.. Happy birthday Joette!!!! i miss yoU!!! =pPp

ANyways... my eldest sister-in-law, Gloria had just given birth this afternoon!!! =)) ad it's a boy!!! Then i called my mum to chit chat and she told me she's coming with my Auntie to Perth on the 15th of Sept!! =)) hehehe.. i cant wait to see her. i miss her so much!!! bleah. COld day.. boring day as usual.. classes sucks. i wanna play!!!!!

Princess At 05:03 PM

finally i have the pictures of Fremantle`!! i MIss that doggie~ ! heh. Last night there was a Black out on the whole of the street i'm living at!! The Black out was about one and the half hours long. hehe. everyone was using torchlight and candles.. so funny~ but i was using light stick. haha. Got a test today~ damn boring. i am tired. Always have to wake up so early when i dont have classes... nothing to say anymore~

Princess At 09:39 AM

Monday, September 06, 2004

Today is my dog, COCO 's BIRTHDAY!!! happy birthday my LOVE!!! I MISS yoU!!! *WOoF WOoF*

i'm at the Library! Dearie dragged me over here in the cold wind! and now he's doing his own thing, leaving me all alone~ Damn it right. haiz.. so i browse the webbies.. and listen to music.. nothing much happened today~ only that i woke up late as usual. =//

Lastly.. the clothes are from supre!! i've got the skirt but i Dont know how to match!! and i like the jeans, but i'm too short! so i guess the jeans wont fit me nicely. haizz...

Princess At 06:19 PM

Sunday, September 05, 2004

Went to Carousal's Hungry Jacks with Jason to eat lunch today~ hehe.. Ate until quite full~ =)) Then came home.. play Gunbound!!! i think i'm gonna be addicte to that game again. haiz.. i am currently helping Dearie with his account. haha. He wants me to help him earn more gold so he can buy stuffs from the avatar! I think Dearie is ADDICTED to gunbound as well.. hehe.. he have been studying so hard! =/ but whenever i play gunbound, he's bound to look at the computer screen~and he'll start to nag at me and say i'm a noob~ BleahzZz.

gonna play gunbound again later!! =)) HUgGies! i love you Dearie! =))

Princess At 08:42 PM

Saturday, September 04, 2004

Today i went out with Jason, Kenneth, Hafis, Andrea,June and Kaysen. Went to have Japanese food.. and then went window-shopping and then went to play pool~ and then.. went home. =)) of course we took some pics.. heh.

Then Hafis, Jason and I went to Kenneth's place.. hehe.. then i came home and went dinner with Dearie~ and might study later with dear! =))

Princess At 09:09 PM

Friday, September 03, 2004

Just got home! After school , i went to play Badminton with Jason, Kenneth, Hafis and Gan~~ PLayed for only about an hour and then we went to Fremantle for fish and Chips! hehe. i had Iced CHocolate!! =)) we took quite a number of nice pics.. hehe.. but i dont have them right now.. =(( hehe..

Quite tired now.. but not hungry though. Dunno what to do tonight.. haiz.. still thinking about those tops!! =//

Princess At 07:10 PM

Thursday, September 02, 2004

i lOVEEEEE these tops!!!! So pissed off tht Perth dont have Armani Exchange!!!!

Princess At 12:19 PM

Having my stupid break now. haiz. nothing to do!! later got 2 boring lessons! eeks. Well, I'm going fitness First later~ and i will go swimming. Hopefully there wont be much ppl in the pool~ then i'll go for a steam as well. Heh.

My Mummy might come over to Perth during my B'day!! hehe. i begged her to come. =)) and i'll make sure she buys and bring alot of stuffs for me from singapore! alrights.. going for a ciggie break. Ta..

Princess At 12:06 PM

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

hehe.. Went fitness First today~ hehe.. spent almost 2 hours there.. kekez.. i worked out.. and swam! i'll be going there more often to swim!! hehe.. i love swimming!! dear waited for me to finish.. i feel so bad.. =( but anyways.. i am so hungry now tht i immediatally went to cook somethingfor myself to eat! heh. i'm bored again. nothing much happened.. hmm.. just tht my B'day is drawing nearer. still duno what to do~ haiz..

Princess At 06:22 PM