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Atari Reference Desk

A resource for all Atari Computer users
Page Last updated July 29th, 1999 (Site History)
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General Links
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Use these if you already know what you're looking for, but have forgotten the URL. Arranged alphabetically by site name. Forget the name of a site but know the person's name from Usenet or documentation? Try here. Arranged alphabetically by last name.
Browse Links Browse Other Links Others
Read a simple description of a site. Will eventually be formatted by category. Use old Browse Links format Other useful sites, not necessarily related to Atari.
HelpDesk Visit The HelpDesk Loan Document Loan A Document
Look here to find answers, or links to answers to questions commonly posted in the newsgroups. Do you have a useful document that you would like to have listed here? If so, then please take a moment to fill out this form.

Program Reference Library
Program Reference Investigate a Program Add A Program
Forgotten how to register a particular program? Or maybe you'd just like some information on a program you've seen online. Try here. Are you a current or former Atari Programmer? Then please take a few minutes to fill out the form.

Miscellaneous Info Department
Whatever Whatever Happened to... Random Facts
Have you ever wondered what has happened to some of the familiar names in the history of Atari? Here's a spot where you can ask, or maybe even answer someone elses question. Rumors... Clarifications... Trivia... If it relates to Atari Computers, this is the area for it.

Atari Community Bulletin Board
Read BB Read messages Post BB Post a message
See what's going on in the Atari world! What shows are coming up. Who has a new or updated site. Who's looking to buy/sell/trade Atari items. Post your entry. Wanted to Buy/Sell/Trade. Your User Group Notes. Your New Web Site/Updates. Looking for Atari users in your Area. Upcoming Atari shows. NOTE: ANY ENTRIES THAT EVEN HINT OF PIRACY WILL NOT BE POSTED.

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