The Sanitorium

Under The Sign Of The Hourglass

You have a price on your head, it's
Buy some CD's and that, it's cheap and they don't arrive on your doorstep all smashed up in bits, and they don't bully you into buying crap like Brritaniaar Mewsick Klubb Duh!

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Yeah! You heard, get your own page you sponger. Packet of fruit pastels and an Exchange and Mart!
Now see this with your stupid boggle eyes: LinkExchange
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I don't know what crap will appear here (^) I have no control over it, but would I want to, it may be a cure for acne or how to fold paper up really small or ways to make meat go bad even quicker, or Delia Smiths topless dinner party, who knows, remember what fresh air is like, saddo geek?
Go on, follow the link,your sooty hands show where you've been.