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     If  you do not read any further than this 1st page you
        must take a few minutes to  read the  following:

My life revolves around the Lord Jesus Christ.   He's the reason for my living.  But just because I choose to live for God and claim Christ as my Lord. Doesn't  mean that my
life is all about dead, dried up, stale and dull living.  It doesn't mean that l can't & don't enjoy things and life..You see despite lifes stuggles & troubles, heartbreaks & set backs  let downs & break downs. I'm not down or out, rejected or feeling neglected, sad, mad, broken or defeated.
And I'm certainly not hanging my head down and crying woe is me Cuz u see I'm a winner, & I'm trying to play the good guy for a change.To keep things right and make things right. On the other hand I'll be the first to admit  we're no perfect Christians. We make mistakes sometimes, & if we fall,we get back up! Life 's struggles    or troubles may knock us down but  together you can bank on it  we'll be up for round    2. Yes we may get knocked down a time or two,  but were winners not whiners, Were  not steping down but steping up. Not going down but going up!  Literally, Hey were on   da winning team. Can you feel me? You see our life doesn't have to be filled with hope lessness or regret, despair. sickness,, boredomn or bondage, pain or poverty, Hey liven  for God doesn't have to be dead and boring, with no excitement or fun,    Matter a fact living for God is fun. Its Great! God is good!  He  made me a happy camper. So for all you peeps who think God and going to Church is for sissies,  or  folks who are off  the hook. Square as they can get, talk bout bored ville,   WRONG.   If u think Church folk can't have fun?  If u think its about cant do this and cant do that?   You ain't got a clue. Church isn't about what you can't do,  its about what you can do!   LIVE!     Its about LIVING  AND  OVERCOMING,  Cuz  if u call kicken it with the homies and drinking doping and gang bangen, playing it, faking it, hating it, or going out on da weekend and giving it up here n there, if u call that liven? You ain't liven! Do you hear me?  feel me? 
You see its like this!!! if ur tired of the mess of life, tired of the game players,   tired of being lonely, tired of being dissed, tired of getting wasted,  tired of being  neglected and rejected, tired of the peeps who only wanna get into ur pants  then move on to the next conquest?    if ur tired of sleeping around with Tom. Dick or  Harry,  Mary,  Suzzy  or sleazy,  tired of feeling  empty,  used ,  and  abused  tired of the drama of life and stale relationships,  tired of paying it and hating  it,  tired of playing it,  tired of worken it for Uncle Sam, tired of the VAIN game,  tired of tryen to be somebody around a bunch of nobodies.   Are ya feelen me yet? If this is You I gots an answer for you. Let me say it like this: Life is to good and wonderful to waste regreting or wishing, what could have been, or should have been, or would have been.... So you see you can come out on top you can make it,  you can stand again, shout again, dance again, There is an answer for you........     Your not a failure or a mistake. Come share some love on these pages, get hooked up. Get on the hook. cuz its all good, AIGHT!

ABOUT ME: The whole 411 Here's a lil bio on myslef, to help you get aquainted  with me, the whole STORY IS HERE:   FEEL ME!

My name NAVITO, I live in N. California, recently   worked as a Counselor and Minister now doing some part time teaching and loving it. But may be looking to change my career goals and plans? Seeking to be self employed and secure for my future. I do counseling as a minster with most of my emphasis on the spiritual but looking to get into the pre-investment counseling field.

I am a warm, sincere, & kind hearted type of guy, who loves people,  pets, places and things.

I believe its not what we have in life but what we value in life that gives us significance. For me life has had its ups and downs, mostly difficulties and dissappoinments but I'm still a firm believer that life is still full of value and worth.
To live each day to its fullest no matter what one encounters is to realize that life is a gift from above!

As a new born child I lived in another country but fell ill and almost died.
I needed special medical treatment. So my Precious Grandmother from the U.S. brought me and my Dear Mother here to the U.S and I consequently have lived in the U.S all my life..
My extended family consist of 3 sisters and 2 brothers. With 1 sister in Mexico.

Now for some personal stuff about me.
I'm an old romantic at heart, I like music, art, literature, politics and reading, I am very active at times, love the outdoors and water sports. I just plain like to enjoy life!
Let me say it again,
I believe what gives meaning to life:

Is not what we do in life but rather it is with who we share our life with, which gives us meaning!
Life is not given value by what we possess but by what we value.

Your life does have value and worth! You are accepted and beloved.. YOUR NOT A WASTE.

You see to find purpose in life we must look inward not outward, upward not downward, we must learn to trust in and call on:
"he who is able to do exceedingly abundantly on our behalf "
So look upward to  our beloved creator for Divine assistance. He never fails.

You may be wondering the reason for this page:
well it is not so much to tell others about myself.
As it is to tell others that there is hope and love; for all!

I to have  had my ups and downs, I've lived a very difficult life, a  troubled childhood where despair, regection, hurt, and loss, as well as violent abuse, were all to common for me..
But I have not given up, Life is to good to waste with self pity, criticism, cynicism, bitterness or regret.

So I have created this page in hopes of encouraging others, helping others
, could that be You?

Truthfully I just want to be there for someone..To listen, to care, to love, to hope, to believe in.
Your life does have value and purpose. 
Your not alone... I'm here.. Some1caresforu!

Hence on this page you will find some inspirational  thoughts, notes and bible study devotionals.. Some you'll find humorous, & some may make you shed a tear or two.  
Feel free to take what you please, read, enjoy  or post a  comment if you like. (  in my Guestbook  )
But just enjoy yourself and be sure and come back and
read my:
Weekly inspirational thought of the day..

Sincerely yours, Georgie