NEIL MURRAY sessions

This is the list of the sessions I know Neil Murray appears... I've classified them into several categories:


Babe Ruth
Spanish edition of "Kid's stuff" (with the subtitle "Cosas de niños")

At this point, Bernie Marsden was the guitarist in this band. He called some of his former friends in Cozy Powell's Hammer to play here: Neil Murray (bass) and Don Airey (keyboards), plus Frank Ricotti, etc 


As I've written in Neil bio page, he participated in the recording of this album, while original bassist, Jeff Berlin couldn't assist. The usual lineup of the band was: Allan Holdsworth (guitar), Jeff Berlin (bass), Dave Stewart (keyboards) and Bill Bruford (drums). Both Stewart and Bruford had been Neil companions in the band National Health. Other musicians: Kenny Wheeler (horns), Annette Peacock (vocals), John Goodsall (great guitarist, from Brand X, he also has his own band, Fire Merchants). 

Bernie Marsden Bernie Marsden was one of the guitarists (along with Micky Moody) in Whitesnake's early days, until 1982. He has a great curriculum that includes UFO, Paice Ashton & Lord, and many later bands, but I'll explain that in a future page devoted to Bernie.
(CD reissue on RPM label)
(scan courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

In And about time too album the list of guests include Jack Bruce (bass), Neil Murray (bass), Jon Lord (keyboards), Don Airey (keyboards), Ian Paice (drums), Simon Phillips (drums) and Cozy Powell (drums), as well as Doreen Chanter on backing vocals. The CD reissue includes 3 bonus tracks: 'You & me' (B-side of a single), plus two live tracks, 'Who's fooling who' and 'Shakey ground', taken from The Friday Rock Show Sessions (with David Coverdale, Neil Murray, Don Airey and Simon Phillips, recorded in 1981).

(CD reissue on RPM label)
(scan courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

Look at me now lineup includes Michael Schenker (doing claps, not playing guitar!!), Neil Murray (bass), Jon Lord (keyboards), John Cook (keyboards), Ian Paice (drums), Simon Phillips (drums) and Cozy Powell (drums), as well as Doreen Chanter on backing vocals. A very similar lineup to its predecesor. The CD reissue includes 3 bonus tracks: 'Always love you so' (B-side of a single), plus two live tracks, 'Look at me now' and 'Byblos shack', taken from The Friday Rock Show Sessions (with David Coverdale, Neil Murray, Don Airey and Simon Phillips, recorded in 1981).

(scan courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

The Friday Rock Show Sessions is a live album compiling two different concerts. Four tracks were recorded by Bernie Marsden & friends (Bernie Marsden, David Coverdale, Neil Murray, Don Airey, Simon Phillips) at that radio show in 1981. Seven tracks were recorded at Reading Festival 1982 by Bernie Marsden's SOS (Bernie Marsden, Robert Hawthorn, Steve Cherry, Richard Bailey, Clive Edwards), including a guest appearance by Micky Moody in one track.

Cozy Powell
(scan courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

Tilt was recorded during Spring 1981, with lots of former bandmates. The complete personnel list is:

I love this album. It contains the song who started my love for Gary Moore, 'Sunset'. A very beautiful and slow instrumental, it's magical! I also enjoy a lot the song 'The blister', with a terrific rhythm by Cozy, Don Airey and Gary Moore. Neil plays in one track, 'Living a lie'.

(scan courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

The drums are back is Cozy's 4th solo album, with top guest musicians (as always!): Brian May (guitar), Steve Lukather (guitar), Jamie Page (guitar), Ray Fenwick (guitar), Steve Makin (guitar), Billy Sheehan (bass), John Deacon (bass), Laurence Cottle (bass), Neil Murray (bass), John Sinclair, Jon Lord (keyboards), Don Airey (keyboards), Geoff Nicholls (keyboards). Produced by Cozy himself.

Along 1998, it was announced that a new album by Cozy was to be released. Supposedly called Twin Oaks, it would contain 11 tracks recorded shortly before the accident. But, instead, the album has been released under the title Especially for you. It contains 12 tracks recorded probably around 1995. Mostly written by Cozy and Mike Casswell (who was in the first Brian May Band lineup, watch above).

(scan courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

The personnel list is:

John West (vocals)
Mike Casswell (guitar)

Neil Murray (bass)
Lonnie Parks (keyboards)
Cozy Powell (drums)
Some guests include: Sylvain (guitar), Mike Burns (keyboards), Viracocha (keyboards) and Ken Boley (keyboards).

As a comment, although Neil doesn't appear in Cozy's first album, Over the top, he's mentioned in the thanks credits.

Jon Lord
(CD reissue on RPM label, with a different cover)
(scan courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

This album by Deep Purple and Whitesnake keyboardist contains an all-star lineup: Bernie Marsden, Neil Murray, Ian Paice, Cozy Powell (all had been members of Whitesnake), Tony Ashton (long time Jon companion in Ashton & Lord, and Paice Ashton & Lord), Mick Ralphs, Boz Burrell & Simon Kirke (from Bad Company), Simon Phillips, plus Elmer Gantry (vocals, from Stretch), and Vicky & Sam Brown on backing vocals. I like this album a lot! 

Forcefield This was a studio-only project, commanded by Ray Fenwick and Cozy Powell. They released 4 albums, with different musicians, and Neil plays in a couple of them. For additional info, please check my Cozy Powell page.

Here, Forcefield was formed by:

With a stable team of musicians:
Mo Foster (bass)
Nick Magnus (keyboards)
Barry St. John (backing vocals)
Plus help from Chris Cozens (keyboards) and Neil Murray (bass in 1 song, the cover of Deep Purple's "Smoke on the water"). The album was recorded in June 1987, and it was produced by Ray Fenwick himself. It contains several covers of classic songs (two Cream tracks: "Sunshine of your love" and "White room", Led Zeppelin's "Whole lotta love", two tracks by The Kinks: "Set me free" and "You really got me", plus a song co-written by Denny Laine with Ray Fenwick and Pete Prescott, "Black cat".

The personnel in Forcefield II - The talisman is:

Tony Martin (vocals), Ray Fenwick (guitar), Jan Akkerman (guitar), Laurence Cottle (bass), Neil Murray (bass), Chris Cozens (keyboards), Barry St. John (backing vocals), Cozy Powell (drums). 

Tony Martin
(scan courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

The singer in Black Sabbath recorded his first solo album, with help from his companions in the band, Neil Murray (bass), Geoff Nicholls (keyboards), Cozy Powell (drums), plus some others: Brian May (guitar, also co-wrote a song), Zak Starkey (Ringo Starr's son, drums), Laurence Cottle (bass). 

John West Great vocalist John West recorded a complete album with these musicians: John West (vocals), Mike Casswell (guitars), Neil Murray (bass), Lonnie Park (keyboards) and Cozy Powell (drums). Unfortunately, it still remains unreleased. :(  

John Martyn Scottish singer, guitarist and songwriter, born Iain McGeachy, he has lots of albums of his own. This album is one of his finest, produced by Island's boss, Chris Blackwell, contains appearances by: Jon Field (flute), Tristan Fry (percussion, from Sky with Francis Monkman), George Lee (sax), Neil Murray (bass), Andy Newmark (drums), Dave Pegg (bass), Morris Pert (percussion), Rico (trombone), Hansford Rowe (bass), Bruce Rowlands (drums), Kesh Sathie (tabla), Jon Stevens (drums), Danny Thompson (bass), Steve Winwood (bass, keyboards). It's not stated in the album which musician plays in each track. It's the only John Martyn album that I have, and I like it! 
Graham Bonnet
(scan courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

Graham Bonnet started his career as a part of the duo Marbles, in the 60s. This must be his 3rd album. With Russ Ballard (guitar), Kirby (guitar), Micky Moody (guitar), Francis Rossi, Rick Parfitt & Andy Bown (the three guys, from the great ones Status Quo), Jon Lord (keyboards), John Cook (keyboards), Adrian Lee (keyboards), Chris Stewart (bass), Neil Murray (bass), Mel Collins (sax) and Cozy Powell (drums). 

Randy California The great, much-missed Randy California was the leader of Spirit all of his life, till his tragic and heroic death on 3 January 1997. He had the Jimi Hendrix spirit (he played with Jimi when he was a teenager).

This album includes appearances by Joe Leeway & Mike Sheppard (vocals), Adrian Smith (keyboards), Neil Murray (bass) and Curly Smith (drums). 


By this time, Fastway was reduced to a duo: original member Fast Eddie Clarke (guitars) and vocalist Lea Hart, because they had soon lost his two other founder members: Pete Way (bass, from UFO) and Jerry Shirley (drums, from Humble Pie). They got help from some musicians to record this album: Neil Murray (bass), Don Airey (keyboards), Terry Thomas (keyboards), Tim 'Nibbs' Carter (bass, from Saxon), Gary Ferguson (drums, later with Gary Moore), plus Christine Byford (vocals). It includes a song co-written by Bernie Marsden and Don Airey, "Show some emotion". 

Monaliza Overdrive This was the solo project of Stefan Kleinkrieg (ex-Extrabreit). In this album we can find: Brian Robertson (guitar), Dzal Martin (guitar), Neil Murray (bass), Don Airey (keyboards), Jim Copley (drums), Rolf Brendel (drums). 
Dave Sharman
British guitar virtuoso, he was discovered by producer Tom Wilson in a Friday Rock Show. In early 1991 he auditioned for Ian Gillan and met Neil Murray. He also played in the "Night of the guitar II" event (with Rick Derringer, Jan Akkerman, Robin Trower, Laurie Wisefield, etc). This album was recorded with Thomas Brache (vocals), Neil Murray (bass), Neil Huxtable (drums).

Does anybody know if Neil plays in more Dave Sharman albums, please?


VV.AA. / The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra & Friends
  Along the years, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra has been recording some albums with rock and pop covers; usually with famous guest musicians. This one is devoted to The Police, and we can find here: the complete Gary Moore Band lineup (Gary Moore, Neil Murray, Don Airey, Ian Paice), plus Chris Thompson (vocals), Graham Bonnet (vocals), Roy Wood (vocals), bother Keith Airey (guitar), Robin LeMesurier (guitar), Chaz Jankel (keyboards), John McKenzie (bass), Raphael Ravenscroft (sax), Richard Bailey (drums). The CD edition was re-named Classic Police (1993, Icon).

VV.AA. Phenomena was a project conceived by Tom Galley (Mel Galley's brother perhaps?). Under that monicker, he recorded three albums, although Neil only plays in the first and the second one.

In the first album, Phenomena, there are lots of Whitesnake-related musicians: Mel Galley (guitar), Cozy Powell, Neil Murray, Richard Bailey (keyboards), plus some other guests, like Glenn Hughes (vocals, from Deep Purple, Trapeze), John Thomas (guitar, from Budgie), Ted McKenna (drums, from Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Greg Lake Band and Cozy's replacement in Michael Schenker Group), Ric Sanders (fiddle, from Soft Machine, Albion Band), Don Airey (keyboards, from Rainbow and many others), etc. With a song co-penned by great guitarist Pat Thrall (he was involved with Glenn Hughes in the Hughes-Thrall project).

The second volume, Phenomena II: Dream runner also includes a comprehensive list of hard rock musicians: the late Ray Gillen (vocals), Glenn Hughes (vocals), the fantastic John Wetton (vocals), Max Bacon (vocals), Scott Gorham (guitar), Mel Galley (guitar), John Thomas (guitar), Kyoji Yamamoto (guitar), Neil Murray (bass), Leif Johansen (keyboards), Mike Sturgis (drums, from A-ha, later in 21 Guns, Asia, Psycho Motel and Wishbone Ash, a great variety!), Toshihiro Niimi (drums). I must say that Neil plays in all the tracks.

A curious thing: Niimi and Yamamoto were members of Japanese band Vow Wow. They met Neil here, and sometime later, when they lost his bassist, they called Neil to play in one of his albums. But this was the original contact. For more details, check out Neil bio page

VV.AA. (credited to All Stars)

10 tracks produced by singer and guitarist Lea Hart (ex-Fastway) and guitarist Chris O'Shaughnessy. Lots of great musicians: Dennis Stratton (guitar, from Iron Maiden, Lionheart and Praying Mantis), Paul Di'Anno (vocals, ex-Iron Maiden, Gogmagog with Neil Murray, Battlezone, Killers, Di'Anno, Praying Mantis, and several more), Biff Byford & Nigel Glockner (vocals & drums, from Saxon), Scott Gorham (guitar, from Thin Lizzy and 21 Guns), as well as some members of female hard rock band Girlschool, and from the band First Strike, plus Tino Troy (guitar, from Praying Mantis), Toby Sadler (keyboards, from Airrace), Steve Clarke (drums, from Fastway), Paul Samson (from Samson), etc. Also released as N.W.O.B.H.M, by Grand Slamm label. Neil only plays in one song, 'She is danger' (one of my favourites), with this lineup:

Many of the same musicians appear under the name English Steel on Start 'em young: Paul Di'Anno, Lea Hart, Neil Murray, Biff Byfford, Fast Eddie Clarke, Don Airey, etc.

The original iron men is produced by Lea Hart. The musicians featured are: Paul Di'Anno (vocals), Dennis Stratton (vocals, guitar), 'Fast' Eddie Clarke (guitar), Paul Samson (guitar), Neil Murray (bass), Don Airey (keyboards), Jem Davis (keyboards), Gary Ferguson (drums), Nigel Glockler (drums), and backing vocals by Biff Byfford, Kim McAuliffe and Mick White.


This is a tribute to Jimi Hendrix, where lots of fantastic musicians played. Brian May played here, and he was backed by Neil Murray and Cozy Powell, in the song "One rainy wish". Another great contributors to this album are: Steve Vai, Stanley Clarke, Robben Ford, Carlos Santana, John McLaughlin, Vinnie Colaiuta (from Sting band), the late Tony Williams, Toots Thielemans, Hiram Bullock, Paul Rodgers, Bob Daisley (from Uriah Heep), Steve Lukather (from Toto), Dennis Chambers (now in Niacin, Billy Sheehan's band), plus several old Jimi Hendrix bandmates, like Noel Redding, Billy Cox and Buddy Miles. A great album, you can be shocked by the innovative arrangements first time you listen to it, but be sure you'll love it! 

(scan courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

Lots of great artists here: Hank Marvin himself, Ritchie Blackmore, Peter Green (with Neil Murray and Cozy Powell), Tony Iommi (again with Neil Murray), Brian May, Mark Knopfler, Adrian Belew (from King Crimson and Frank Zappa band), Peter Frampton, Steve Stevens, Andy Summers (from The Police), Neil Young & Randy Bachman (great musician, from Guess Who and mainly, Bachman Turner Overdrive), Rick Parfitt & Francis Rossi (from Status Quo), Gordon Giltrap, Keith Urban & Stewart Copeland (from Curved Air, The Police and Animal Logic), Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, plus Don Airey (keyboards), Bev Bevan (drums, from ELO, once in Black Sabbath!), Gregg Bissonette (drums, from David Lee Roth band), etc. With all-time classics such as "FBI", "Apache", etc.

These are the lineups in the tracks where Neil plays:

In 'Wonderful Land' (by Tony Iommi):

In 'Midnight' (by Peter Green & Splinter Group):


I read in a Spanish magazine from April 1987, that Neil Murray was producing an album for Jagged Edge band. Another magazine (May 1988) says that Neil was producing demos for Jagged Edge guitarist, Myke Gray. Don't know if there were ever recorded. Does anybody know?


Musicians mentioned in this page that I have projected to cover in my site someday: And short tributes to:

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