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Stevie Lange / Stevie Vann (vocals)
(images taken from the Night albums)

Great vocalist, she appears in countless albums. First band I heard of Stevie Lange was the band Night, in November 1978:

Chris Thompson (vocals)
Stevie Lange (vocals)
Robbie McIntosh (guitar, vocals)
Billy Kristian (bass)
Nicky Hopkins (keyboards)
Pete Baron (drums)
They released an eponymous album. In November 1979, they change the lineup:
Chris Thompson (vocals)
Stevie Lange (vocals)
Robbie McIntosh (guitar, vocals)
Billy Kristian (bass)
Bobby Wright (keyboards)
Bobby Guidotti (drums)
A 2nd album was released, Long distance. They split due to lack of success in December 1980, when Chris Thompson started his new venture, Chris Thompson & The Islands.

I guess that since then, she hasn't belonged to a band, only singing in studio sessions (many of them, produced by Pip Williams). But she also appears from time to time with The SAS Band (the band assembled by keyboardist Spike Edney. Watch my pages on Neil Murray or Cozy Powell for more info on this band).

She has only released a solo album, but under the name Stevie Vann.

She also appears in a collective, benefit album called Earthrise. Apart from artists such as U2, Paul McCartney, Julian Lennon, there is a track called 'Yes we can', sang by Artists United for Nature (featuring Stevie Lange along with Chris Thompson, Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull), Joe Cocker, Herbie Hancock, Chaka Khan, Brian May, Michael McDonald, Maggie Reilly, Jennifer Rush, Sandra, and others). Other artists appearing in other tracks: David Gilmour, Sam Brown, Big Country, Andy Fairweather-Low, Pink Floyd).

Solo albums (under the name Stevie Vann):

Solo singles: 'Remember My Name' was her single from 1981. It was the song from the Limara advert. It was released in a cartoon picture sleeve featuring the Limara girl.

Duet with Bryan Adams (single):

Albums with Night: Sessions:
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Special thanks to: Ken Mortimer, for info on Stevie, as well as sharing his vast knowledge on session singers; Randy Hammon (from the band Savage Resurrection), for telling me about an error on Stevie's credits; Richard Breakfree Anderson, for very valuable info on Stevie.

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