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    Well Personally I thought this year at camp was great. The camp at first was different from when I have been in the past since all the other years we have had a single different director. This year we had two co-directors that planned out the entire schedule. At first the schedule seemed quite disorganized since everyday the schedule was different and no one knew what was going to happen the next day. I learned that the schedule was planned like that. I think that if everyone would have known when every thing was going to happen, say have a schedule printed out for each day this would be great.

    The things that I liked this year compared to the rest was that when doing Venues or trips out of the camp. The entire camp went together not as one small group. Allowing the entire group to bond instead of the smaller groups. The food this year was much improved from the previous years food and also the group games I personally thought that they were easier to get every one into. I heard no one complaining about them like they used to.