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Susan When She Tries



Susan Dunn has been a poet and genius since the day she was born. She always saw the world a different way.

Among her earliest memories are being labelled rebellious, idiosyncratic, willful and out of control ... in school, at home and at play.

Enjoy Susan's mature expression of these qualities as she reaches the full height of her genius in these poems about
the loss of her son, the loves of her life, her view of the
world and the people in it and her private reminiscences
of what it is like to see more, feel more and understand
more than other people.

Susan When She Tries

Susan's poems are powerful, erotic, humorous and fiercely honest. She will grip your mind, fight your sloth, seed your consciousness and stir your soul. And in the end she will have you.

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The Poems

Alphabetical list of poems
[including the title poem, Susan When She Tries]


Alice in Hell
The Band was Playing
The Chosen One
The First Intervention
Hell's Angel
I Will Shape a Merman
The Last Bullfight
Lachesis Laments Not in the Nick of Time
Limbic Regulator
Love is Amber
Message in a Bottle
My Last Son
On the Death of My Son
Piano Me
Pieta, a Mother Looks ...
Ride with Me Sweet Baby Mine
Sammy the Bull (The Last Fairytale)
Slip Slidin' Away
Spring Fever
Stoned Cathedral

Susan When She Tries
Suzzallo Snow

The Baby is Gone
The Tenth Avatar
These Hands
To Suffer without Moral Validity
Waiting for You to Get Over This
Watching Your World
We Danced
Weighing Souls

Susan Dunn's Virtual Photo Album
for her son Chester

More being mounted daily ... check back often ... and enjoy!

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