Pet Garden Snails
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Basic Care


This is just a quick over view of basic care. Please keep in mind that snails are social creatures and should be kept with company of their own kind. If you have snails or are going to get snails a minimum of three together is a must.

Basic care for snails includes:
Providing a clean, fresh, damp environment.
Washing all their food thoroughly before you give it to them.
Removing all old food stuffs daily.
Providing freshly rinsed food stuffs every evening.
Supplying a clean calcium souce at all times.
Providing a place to hide in/under.
Wiping down the inside of the tank whenever it starts to get dirty with unprinted paper towels.
Changing the substrate once a week.
When changing substrate, you need to clean the entire house with hot water (and vinegar for glass tank) rinse thoroughly and let dry completely.
Bathe snails regularly, about once a week.
Daily checks for eggs and freezing them.

Supplies needed
+ A list of minimal supplies

Snails don't take a lot of time to care for and usually only require half an hour a day. But if your like me this half hour can streatch considerably to be even 3 hours or more! Keep in mind it'll take about one hour, once a week to clean their house completely.

Snails don't cost much to feed, will never have a vet or grooming bill and only need a medium sized house with a few pieces of furniture. You can get a 10 gallon tank for 10 dallors, a lid for 8 dallors and the substrate for 5 dallors or less every week or month depending on the type used. The most expencive thing you'll need is a fluorescent bulb and hood each around 23 dallors. Other expences include: cuttlebone for 1 dallor a month, a bottle of reptile calcium supplement-about 9 dallors every few months, food stuffs for about 5-15 dallors every week or so, a water dish for 5 dallors, and a few dallors every week for furniture like plastic pots, bird ladders and live plants. All in all it will cost about 100 dallors for the inicial house and 20 dallors a week or so to maintain them depending on the variety of food you feed, substrate and decorations purchused. which isn't that much when you consider that their an exotic pet like a lizard, frog or hermit crab and a habitat for most excotic pets is even more than that.

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