Pet Garden Snails
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Snails are fascinating creatures that live the average of 5-8 years. The Helix Aspersa snail can live up to 12 years! They require only minimal care, space, money and attention. Also they cost very little to maintain never needing veterinary treatment, but snails are considered exotic pets and you will need in some instances a permit to keep them.

There's several different kinds of terrestrial snails. This site is about brown garden snails or helix aspersa. There found in gardens and parks around the world and are generally considered a pest and lots of people eat them considering them a delicacy.

I don't beleive they are stupid like (almost)everyone seems to think. Yes, their far from being genuses but they still aren't robots just crawling around eating when hungry, sleeping when tired and whatever. Some will have friendships and recognize each other even when separated for extended periods of time. They will follow each other around, eat and sleep together even if they mate with other snails.

Snails are social creatures that like to be in the company of other snails of the same species. They get tend to get depressed if kept alone and will be fairly inactive. Keeping at least 3-10 snails per ten gallon tank is recommended.

I've tried to make the site as user friendly and the content to the point but complete as possible. If you have a question or comment, feel free to email me.

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