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This is the area of the site where you can find out all the is new in the world of Angel.

I'm working to bring you new bits of gossip as and when they come around about characters, plots and what the actors future plans are.

The New Episode

Due to the end of Season two I don't have a new episode to place here but you can be guaranteed that as soon as I find out Episode 1 Season 3 you guys will know about it.

Season 3

-In an interview with David Boreanez recently he gave a quick preview of what season 3 holds for us. Apparently Angel will be a lot more "Action Hero" rather than depressive vamp. He also says that we will see humour coming out in him more.

-Amy Acker joins the team this year as Fred a permanent member of the gang after her rescue from another dimension.


Move To UPN

It's official angel will be staying with W.B while Buffy is moving to UPN. Will this mean the end to links between Angel and Buffy? I definitely hope not. What would we do without the hope that Angel might walk into a Buffy episode at any minute?

Keep watching for much more news and gossip as it come available.

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