Last Of The Mochicas
At the end, we see Sydney's hand usher Claudia out of the room. However, when we cut directly to Syd, her arms are firmly by her side. She might have fast reflexes but not THAT fast.
Roman Holiday
When Syd has defeated the gladiator, the "crowd" is asked for a thumbs up or down. They say down which the writer of the show think means death, when really thumbs down meant life and thumbs up meant death.
The Reel Thing
Look out for the infamous statue of the cat goddess Mafdet among the shipped-in Egyptian relics. This is the same statue that appeared in a s1 episode- 'Nine Lives'. Then, almost as though they wanted to remind you of this, they place a clip show containing clips from 'Nine Lives' in the following episode!
The corpse found in the tomb, which had been there since 1924, was wearing a Timex. Timex Trademark was not registered until 1945 and that the first Timex-branded watches did not come out until 1950.
Run Sydney Run
Just where did Sydney's wardrobe of clothes come from? In the previous scene where she gets wounded, she was wearing a wetsuit!
The Royal Ring
After all their desperate searching, all the relic hunters had to do was OPEN King Henry's jack-in-the-box? No one at the museum has ever opened it before? How did they know it was a jack-in-the-box, in that case!
The Put Back
At the end of the episode, Sydney has her crossbow pointing downwards as she accidently fires the arrow. However, the arrow that she shoots has miraculously been fired to a point that is level-high with Sydney's chest! Magic!
Dagger of Death
Syd follows three guys up the cliff but later says that there were only two.
As Sydney tumbles off of the cliff side, look out for the shadow of a camera and some crew members on the cliff.
During the fancy dinner, watch with amusement as Nigel gulps down his drink only for the glass to be put down completely full again!