Warning: the fanfiction is only fiction and there for it has history related mistakes, done only to suite the "episode".
It all started like a normal day at the office: Sydney and Nigel were examening a relic and Claudia....well, she was just being Claudia; untill Sydney recived a phone call - it was from the dean - he aparently  voluntaired her services to a well known actor to find the lost journal of  the romanian prince - Vlad Tepes (a.k.a. Dracula) so he could play the part of Dracula in his next movie.Sydney didn't take it very well : "What?!! Dean Morrisson, I really apreciate the fact that you think I'm the best but, to volunteer my services is compleatly out of line!....No, I would like to go to your office to discuss this...." but just as Syd would have sayd saomething really nasty, three discreet  knocks were heard on the door and a handsome man entered the room, to face a breathless Sydney who on her part was stunned for a few seconds with the receiver in her hand."I'll get back to you " she sayd to the dean and abruptly put  the receiver in the phone hook. "My name is Leo Goldman" he sayd in a suave voice "...and you must be Sydney Fox" he continued coming closer and kissing her hand wille takeing the seat in front of her.Nigel and Claudia vere couriously peeking through the office windows, but couldn't see much. "As you know, I need you to find the lost journal of Vlad Tepes".But just as Leo would have continued Sydney cut him off: "Look Mr. Goldman...." "...Leo, please"interrupted the actor. "...I'll be honest with you. I'm not interested  in this chase at all - there is no proof of Vlad Tepes ever  haveing a journal"sayd Syd. "Yes but if it exists I'm sure you will find it" sayd Leo convinced."If nothing else "-he continued "think of the publicity and the donation I'm giving your department! Please, Sydney, I need you..."He knew she wouldn't say no to a hunt...."Ok, fine. Claudia, book three tickets to Bucharest!" but Claudia remained at the door stareing  at the actor "Claudia!" sayd Syd anoyed. "Yes?..." replied the day-dreaming secretary. "The tickets!!!" "...oh, right...." and she went to her desck."Well," started Sydney " we will go by plane to Bucharest and by train  to Targoviste, were Vlad Tepes had a castle. Oh, this is my assistent , Nigel Baily. Nigel this is ..."Leo Goldman!!!" sayd Nigel excited "I'm a huge fan!!" "Nice to meet you " sayd Leo happy "So when are we going?" asked Nigel. "Now!" came Claudia's voice "I could only get you tikets for today and the plane leaves in four hours."Well, we should get going then. We'll meet at the airport." and with that everyone went home to prepare for the hunt leaving Claudia to do her........work........................ The trip to Targoviste was fine.Sydney and Nigel  were going over their research wille Leo was enjoing the sights.After they arrived at the train statin at Targoviste Sydney went to check their rezervations and information about the castle and came back rather anoyed: "I have good news and I have bad news : the good news is that the castle was declared a historical landmark and is open for visiting.Now, the bad news is that Claudia messed up again and we don't have a place to stay." "But Syd, what are we going to do?!!We can't just sleep out here?!!!!!" sayd Nigel in a worryed tone. "Excuse me" came a female voice "but I couldn't help overhearing your problem and you are welcome to stay with me" sayd the young woman in a sweet voice."Who are you?" asked Leo amazed by her kindness.. "Oh, sorry, my name is Monica and I'm from Targoviste ,I live with my mother and we would be happy to have you. And if you need a guid I would be glad to show you around - I know the city like the palm of my hand and I am also an archeologist." finished the woman a bit out of breath."Thank you, your offer is kind but I'm afraid we don't have the necessary money for all of this; we lost it on our faulty rezervations" sayd Syd. "That's not a problem, I of course meant that I would help you free of charge. Shall we ? sayd Monica sweetly. And so, our heroes went to Monica's house.
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