Buddha's  bowl (a.k.a.Sidhartha's Bowl)
Al Capone's diamond-encrusted gun
Remains of Sister Evangeline
Pioneer's Bear Flag of California
Lost guitar of Elvis Presley
Magical Glove of former baseball great Jimmy Jonesboro
Paracelsus scrolls
Treasure of legendary Viking Jann the Bold
Casanova's Book of Love
Minotaur's Maze / The Golden Twine
Lost crown of the last King of Ireland
Necklace of the Chineese Empereur's Bride
Diamond of Thutmose III
Statue of the cat goddess Mafdet
Rings that belonged to lovers, Callum and Elena, from the 15th century
Jewel-encrusted scepter that belonged to the Hungarian royal family
Crown jewels of France
Templar Grand Master's sword
Records proving a secret marriage on the eve of the French Revolution
Zeus' sacred sundial
Ruby Chalice of Truth
A tiara known as the Heart of Europe
Idol from the Temple of Woot
Dagger of Kali
Vessel believed to contain the Great Warrior Spirit of the Mochicas
The Kai Nomata
Idol of Lono
Crown of Roma
The Jade Empress
Caesar's breastplate
Haitian Cross of Utu
Relics of Egyptian Pharaoh Amun II
Cleopatra's necklace
Eyes of Toklamanee
Sword of Ateas
Prophecy of Nostradamus
Golden Falcon of Maribor
Ruby-encrusted scepter of Gunther the Brave
Executioner's Mask
Ring of Henry VIII
Magical sword of St. Gabriel
First Christian cross
Chinese "dragon's egg"
Bowl that will reveal the user's true love
Egyptian necklace
Light of Truth
The treasure of Treasure Island
Star of Nadir
Vampire Chalice
Cursed Aztec Devil Doll
Lancet which causes anyone cut with it to gain incredible strength
Tomb of Athena
Wicca amulet
Belt of Hippolyte
Anasazi mummy
the Cross of Arthur
Crown jewels of Charles IV
Pandora's Box
Fountain of Youth
Keys to Stonehenge