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Numismatic References

List of Chinese numismatics books written in English:

  1. Schjoth, Fredrik "Chinese Currency - Currency of the East",
    Revised and Edited by Hancock, Virgil,
    Krause Publications, Inc. Wisconsin, USA, 1965.
    Remarks: "This is a very fun book to read. Schjoth, a foreign diplomat to China (for 35 years), amassed a very comprehensive collection at almost a century ago."

  2. Burger, Werner "Ching Cash until 1735"
    Mei Ya Publications, Inc., Taiwan, 1976.
    Remarks: "A thesis by a western scholar who studied the Ching Dynasty Monitary System."

  3. Xinhua (New China) Publishing House and People's Bank of China "A History of Chinese Currency (16th Century BC - 20th Century AD)"
    Xinhua (New China) Publishing House..etc. China, 1983, ISBN 962 7094 01 3.
    Remarks: "Beautiful colour photographs of Chinese antique coins and bank notes especially.

The acclaimed Schjoth's "Chinese Currency" (this is a revised edition published by Krause Publications, Inc.)

For the Chinese numismatic references, Ding Fu Bao published the most important works in recent history. Click under to view sample pages of his book.