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Thematic coin collection focuses on one topic. For example, Wu-chu experts collect and study only Wu-chu coins and they are able to tell the periods and places of mintage, and many things about Wu-chu coins although the coins look the same.

Collecting coins from a particular dynasty is also very challenging. The coinage of the Qing Dynasty is a good example. There are ten Emperors in Qing Dynasty (after the Manchurian entered China) who have their own reign titles. And there are many mints (as many as 25+ mints during the reign of Xian Feng Emperor) from all over China producing cash with different mintmarks on the reverse side of the cash. It is very fun and challenging to collect all the cash with different mintmarks from the ten Emperors of Qing.

The chinese charms have a wide range of pictures on them that make them a good thematic collectible. Horse charm in particular is a very popular theme as it is a zodiac animal in the Chinese lunar calendar.

Thematic: Horse

horse charm white metal horse charm small Song horse charm
Zhi-zheng horse cash Song horse charm Chong-zheng galloping horse