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I am a teacher from Singapore. I started collecting Chinese coins since 1993 when I accidentally ventured into an antique shop. Since, I've not only picked up a good hobby, I've also learnt a lot of things about the Chinese history and culture.

In the beginning, I bought any coin that I found appealing (and economical) mostly due to the interesting stories told by the antique dealers about them. When I got to know more about the hobby, I realised that collecting every Chinese coin was a mammoth task and a very expensive thing to do. So I started to focus on coins that can best represent the different dynasties or states, and also affordable(see [Timeline]). This is one common approach to antique coin collecting.

There are other approaches of coin collecting such as collect coins from specific dynasty or state, coins issued by particular China Emperor, or the variations of a single type of coin, plus many different themes, or [Thematic] collection.

After acquiring a reasonable amount of coins, I found that keeping them in tin cans wasn't the best way for a growing collection. So I used different methods to keep and display my collection. I found that good methods enhanced the fun of the hobby. Beside the handy tin can which I am still using, the other methods are [Coin Plates] [Coin Charts], and Coin Albums. I also used my coins for decorative purposes.

In collecting any kind of antique or collectible, Fakes and [Forgeries] are part of the learning experience and collecting process. This is so called the "school fee" that we (collectors) pay to gain knowledge and experience.

[Charms] and Amulets are a sub-topic in Chinese coin collecting. They have direct concerns with the Chinese culture and custom. Each charm or amulet has its own purpose. They remind me of many customary practices that are no longer or hardly practiced in the modernized society nowadays.

[Books] on numismatics are vital to the basic knowledge in coin collecting. Most of the books that I have are in Chinese and there are very few in English.

There are very few antique coins dealers in Singapore. One dealer that particularly worth mentioning is Mr Gan Wee Teck of Sea Eagle Coins and Antiquities(see the picture below). It was him who initiated me into this hobby. I learned a lot from him and his clients at his shop. Sadly, Mr Gan passed away from old age in 1999. His sons are running the shop now.

photo of Mr Gan and I at a trade show with (the late) Mr Gan Wee Teck in 1994