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Coin Plates

One distinct feature of Chinese coins is there are holes in the middle of every coin. These holes allow me to sew the coins on the A4 size cards with ease. This method of keeping coin is similar to keeping postage stamps except the different fastening devices. The A4 size cards that I use for my coin ablum pages are in fact the stamp album loose leaves. I arrange my coins neatly on the album page and I write comments on the album pages concerning the coins.

One disadvantage in this method is that I can only show one side of the coins and many coins have details on both sides. I will only show the side which I think is more important or interesting. I sometime paste a wax-rubbing of the other side (of the coin) just next to the coin if necessary.

Next I use a 3-ring file to keep the coin plates and I use different files for different themes.

***Important note: The plastic coin album with small coin pockets spoiled my coins. The plastic reacted chemically with my nickel coins when they are in contact for a length of time.

* Updates: I sold one of my two Qing coin set (coin plates set as seen below) in May 2006.

Shun Chih plate Kang Hsi plate Qian Long plate
Pan-liang plate Wu-ch'u plate Ta-chuan wu-shih