1. Name: Coach Genghis
  2. Occupation: Gym teacher at Prufrock Preparatory School
  3. Disguise: Track suit with a turban and very expensive running shoes to hide the tattoo.
  4. Identifiable Traits:
    1. Glistening black eyes
    2. Scheming evil smile
  5. Scheme: Principal Nero loves Coach Genghis. Everyone believes that he is a world class athlete. He convinces Nero to let him run his little routine with the Baudelaires and tires them out by using S.O.R.E (Special Orphan Running Exercises). The children take quite a while to solve this mystery as the plan does not become obvious until near the end. The children are to take an exam and if they fail they will have to leave the school. Of course kind Coach Genghis has decided he will be the one to adopt them. Exhausted from S.O.R.E. the children have been sleeping through most of their ridiculously boring classes and have not taken notes. Thank goodness for Isadora and Duncan Quagmire, without them the Baudelaires would be property of Genghis.

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