1. Name: Count Olaf
  2. Occupation: Evil Villain and Playwright
  3. Disguises: Stephano, Captain Sham, Shirley, Coach Genghis, Mattathias, Detective Dupin, Gunther
  4. Identifiable Traits:
    1. One eyebrow instead of the normal two
    2. Tattoo of an eye on his ankle
    3. Bad breath
  5. Schemes: In the first book titled 'The Bad Beginning' Olaf terrorizes the Baudelaires. They are sent to live with him after their parents parish in a fire. They quickly begin to realize that Olaf is up to something unusual. Olaf has come up with a very evil plan to steal the Baudelaire family fortune. In a play with an audience he plans to marry Violet and inherit her fortune. The quick witted Baudelaires come up with a plan to stop him and foil his plan. Now that everyone sees that Count Olaf is a very evil man he must go in disguise to try and steal their fortune while they go from relative to relative, unfortunate events around every corner.

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