1. Name: Shirley
  2. Occupation: Receptionist
  3. Disguise: A woman receptionist.
  4. Identifiable Traits:
    1. Hairy Legs
    2. Fake Voice
    3. Greedy Eyes
  5. Schemes: Count Olaf's new plan takes a while for the Baudelaires to see. At first they find it very odd not to see Olaf anywhere. The children wonder if he is finally gone, but of course he shows up eventually or I probably wouldn't be writing you these unfortunate events! When Klaus breaks his glasses he goes to the optometrist and comes back acting very weird. Violet and Sunny are very concerned for their brother, but are not sure what they can do to help. Finally when Klaus breaks his glasses yet again, (Coincidence? I think not!), Violet and Sunny acompany him to the optometrist and find 'Shirley' is the receptionist. Count Olaf has been hiring someone to hypnotize the children in hopes of finally grabbing the fortune. Lucky the children had their wits about them or they could have ended worse than they did....Although, not much...

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