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On Friday, January 25th, 2002, I was given a second chance. It's not like my first attempt at life was a disaster, but I was given a shake... some lady cut me off on the freeway one day, so I changed lanes into her lane and then I was going along happily on my own way, ya know yadayada, I was driving right next to her and there was a bigrig on my right and she was on my left... when I was in between the two, she started driving into me... I slowed down, and when she looked kinda in my direction, I felt safe enough to speed up to my normal speed (65 because the traffic wasn't really going any faster than that), whatever, whatever, right? so I was about to speed up because I thought she saw me... but she still kept coming at me. I took evasive action to avoid the imminent collision and I lost control. I swerved into the center divider of the 210 freeway and flipped my car onto it's hood and skidded for a loong while. I walked away with a concussion and a few bumps and bruises and seatbelt burn, but I am alive. After it all, my dad joked around calling me a stunt driver and nicknamed me "Crash". So... here I am, motivated to make everything in my life mean something and make every relation worth it. Glad I got the chance to meet you.

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~*~I love you Todd, Dad, Shirley, Mom, Julie, Stelnick, Kevin, Ali, Jason, Hayden, Arlyn, and ofcourse Mike E.!~*~

The person that I must say that I miss the most, would be Todd. Every time we chill, it's the best time of my life. Even if we just sit there watching the news, I'll be cracking up and totally stokked. I really miss him because I rarely even get to talk to him anymore.coughpunkmofocallmesowecangoouttolunchcough. oh excuse me. I owe him so much! *hugs*

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