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Welcome to our Family Slide Show of 2005


If you have been to any of my other Web sites you know that they all deal with strong emotional issues, in one way or another they have been a part of my life.  So I wanted to do a site that was less stressful and more fun to do. So here is where you will find out more about me and my family, and the things that I like.

I have purchased the software Paint Shop Pro and after this site is completed I want to start working on making my own graphics for my sites.  I have found such wonderful graphics to use on my pages and thank those whole heartedly for the use of these graphics but I want to be able to make and use my own one day.                

As I have learned in the past, I am trying to eliminate the use of to many graphics for it takes so long for a page to load. Also, I am not using any guest books on these sites. In my own opinion they have been to much of a headache to keep up with. I feel that if you want to comment or have a question then you can just email, which is provided on every page I do.

If you can be so kind, if you run across any broken links please report them to me.  No one including myself likes it when you run across broken links.

Last but not least, if I did not give proper credit to anyone for the use of graphics or poems please email and I will do so.





























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