JUSTICE #31 - 'Under the Boardwalk'
May, 1989
(22 Pages)

Cover Artist: Lee Weeks
Writer: Peter David
Artist: Lee Weeks
Letterer: Michael Heisler
Colorist: Janet Jackson
Editor: Howard Mackie
Assistant Editor: David Wohl
Designer: Cindy Kruhm
Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco


After the disappearance of Miriam while investigating paranormals at Coney Island (see last issue), Chauncy decides to call Updike at NSC headquarters to report. Rudy watches as a baby lamb runs out from under the boardwalk, and tries to point it out to Chauncy only to be told to shut up. Rudy then sees a blond-haired woman dressed in a short, white tunic-like dress, chasing the lamb with a knife in hand. Next a frog-like paranormal goes chasing after the blond, and looks up, spotting Rudy. Using his tongue, the paranormal pulls Rudy over the boardwalk's rail just as Chauncy finishes his call, who turns to ask Rudy what is so important, only to find him gone. Chauncy then sees the blond-haired woman on the beach with the lamb, and watches in horror as she guts it. A voice behind him causes him to pull his revolver, turn, identify himself and watch as his gun is sliced in half by Seraph's sickle.

Back in Washington D.C., Angela is taking a self-defense course and ends up nearly injuring the instructor's ribs. Kleenex sneezes, and Updike openly wonders who set him off before seeing Justice walk in. Justice and Angela hug before Updike breaks up the touching reunion with the Coney Island business. Justice dismisses Updike, says the case has to wait until he gets some sleep -- and that Updike should know what happens when he doesn't get enough rest (see Justice #21-22 for details).

Back at Coney Island, Miriam, Chauncy and Rudy sit in a makeshift cell. Miriam flips out, demanding Rudy do something -- so he tells them a joke about a cat being run down, which manages to calm their nerves. Outside the cell, Seraph cannot understand why the prisoners are laughing. The "Judge" (from Justice #25-26) then telepathically contacts Seraph and tells him to find Augur, the blonde paranormal. Seraph finds her reading the entrails of another small lamb for the future of the Forsaken, the paranormals living on Coney Island.

Justice is en route to Coney Island via airplane, and surprised by Angela taking the seat next to him. He tells her that at the connecting flight, she's taking the first plane back. She adamantly refuses.

On Coney Island, a paranormal by the name of Captain Brooklyn (companion to Captain Manhattan -- see D.P.7 #30) is trying to find the leader of the Forsaken and any prisoners he may have. He encounters the strange, frog-like paranormal from earlier and knocks him out after being attacked. Meanwhile, the paranormal with the large ears (from Justice #20) leads Chauncy, Miriam and Rudy to the Judge -- Judge Mental, the leader of the Forsaken.

Summary written by Rod Myers Jr.

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