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Peace Keeping Force Headquarter
UNMISET Peace Keeping Force
PKF HQ ORG chart (old )
PKF HQ Org chart  (new )
Thai officer in Peace keeeping Force in EAST TIMOR
ACOS Admin ( End of mission no replacement )
Deputy chief of support ( Waiting for replacement )
Deputy  chife of administration ( replaced by Nepal officer )
Personal officer ( No replacement end of mission in Jun 04 )
CMA & Public information officer ( Waiting for replacement on 31 Dec )

Plans and Analysis Officer, Military Information
( Waiting for replacement  on 15 Jan )

Preparation for EOD Team next rotation !
Preparation of Thai officer
Essential skill of HQPKF staff officer

Lessson amh problem  from EOD team (  7 rotation  )

Basic Information for MILTARY INFORNATION CELL **

.General Situation in Timor   ( FEB- AUG 03 )
General Situation in East Timor ( AUG - NOV  03 )
Situation in East Timor ( 01-15Dec 03 )
Militia basic information

Abbreviations in HQ PKF UNMISET
DILI map 1
Dili street map
? DILI Map        

UNHOSP Medal Parade
HQ PKF Medal Parade
UN Hospital handover Ceremony
Department of Peace Keeping Operation
????????????????????? THAI NCE
????????????? THAIBATT
UN SC Resolution 1410 ,17 May 02
UN SC Resolution 1473, 04 Apr03
UN SC Resolution 1480, 19 May 03
Biography new
Jose Alexandre Gusmao
Brigadier General Taur Matan Ruak
WWW. THAIPKF03@yahoo.com
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THAI PKF staff
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