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Recently, I stepped upon some interesting games you can play online on this site.
They are based on Macromedia's Shockwave and you can get them for free at Macromedia Web site. get the shockwave plugin

Ninja First of all there's a game about Ninjas you have to fight. Let's call it

"Shoot the Ninja with the Nerf"TM
(63 KB - thousands of colors recommended)

HotDogHeheh, this is the original name of the game developed by which is also responsible for my Web Editor, Hotdog,

shockwaveNext there are two versions of the same game:
Do you remember this little game where you have to move tiles on a little plate until you have the real picture again? Well, here it comes:

"Super Tiles" or, as Sausage called it, HotDog HotTiles Deluxe, again a Sausage game. (38 KB - thousands of colors are recommended)

Tiles And last but not least, here's the easier version of it: HotDog HotTiles Non-Blending
(25 KB - 256 colors or more recommended)

Thanks again to Sausage and have fun with the games!

That much for Sausage games and games you can play from my page. I found some very interesting and enjoyable games on the net through a resource in the Netherlands: Fun -4- Free. If you like my little collection go there and browse even further.

TetrisA master piece of simplicity but a must for every addict is Tetris. I still play it a lot myself and it's one of my all time favourites.

Lenny Walkabout I want to make two great adventure games the (until now) end of my games list: the first being Lenny Walkabout, again a Shockrave game in which you explore a little place in the Australian Outback called Pullyapantsup (get it?) - lots of fun, different levels of games, riddles and whatever to solve, this bloke is hilarious!

Lenny LoosejocksAnd here's the still better sequel to Lenny Walkabout: Lenny Loosejocks. Save the world by flying to the planets of our solar system and disarm bombs before the "Sluggees" blow the whole place up.

By the way, if you have any comments or remarks please feel welcome to write to me an email.

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