In a world hidden by the faithless resides the darkness of society...

... its ills, its suffering, its pestilence, its hypocrisy, its mortality. What can become of life when control is sieved through fingers like grains of sand? What motivation is left when even hope cannot stand against the test of time and crumbles like all other eventuality? Death comes to everything, its hunger is insatiable.

But what happens when the hunger in death rivals the hunger of death. Pried from rest, the insomniacs of the dead hunger: hunger for life, hunger for desire, hunger for experience, hunger for blood. Can a hunger so great as to conquer death be reasoned with? When a mind is so consumed, is there room left to feel? In a world hidden by the faithless resides those who suffer from this dark hunger. We struggle to know what we feel. They struggle to know if they feel.

Welcome to Portage, Indiana's Vampire: The Masquerade ...

Wolfspirit Lady Addams Diamond Reynolds Lucas d' Marabo Blade Dmitri Alexandre Silver Ice Vandala Ravensburg Diamond Reynolds Dmitri Alexandre

The City of the Dark Society

The Royal Cotorie The Anarchs The Affiliated Coterie of Oblong The Kine Presence
Lucas d'Marabo
Lady Addams
Frederick Kandor
Dmitri Alexandre
Silver Ice
Diamond Reynolds
Dr. Marcus Talon
Katherine Jenowitz