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The Distracted Ones
Attention Deficit Disorder in your browser-
The weekly newsletter for people that just don't feel like working.
This is a collection of cool, funny, or just bizarre
videos, cartoons, flash, or anything else I've found on the net that can keep you from working for a bit.
WARNING: Some of these files are quite large.
Note: I'm working on restoring some of the links. We ran into a small storage situation. If you want to help, please host files or donate funds. Email us here.
Issue  XXIII
Monday, Nov 7, 2005
Pic of the Week
I Hate You- Just about says it all
That Thong Song- Shake it, baby!
Mr Otto Olympics- I feel so proud (funny as hell)
This Land- The notorious Flash ani from JibJab
300K- Coolist car commercial ever
Batman- Zap! Boff! Pow!
Freaky Kitty- Leave it on for at least a minute with sound and try not to laugh. I dare you.
Scampi- Weebls cartoon. Kuala Lumpur!
Winnoise- Simple, but cool in its own way
StarWarz Gangsta Rap- Just about says it all, doesn't it?
Vegetarian Rhapsody- Beware!
The End of The World- One of our all-time favorite flash movies
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