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The Distracted Ones
Attention Deficit Disorder in your browser-
The weekly newsletter for people that just don't feel like working.
Humor sites
Issue  XXIII
Monday, Nov 7, 2005
MentalJokes Funny as hell, in a Thorazine-deficient sort of way.
Pic of the Week
HumorAsylum Great site with all sorts of irreverent humor.
LoonyHumor I'm starting to see a trend with these site names...
AHA! If you ever need a quick chuckle.
Distraction sites
IShouldBeWorking One of our favorite sites. Has links to all sorts of stuff to do and see, when your time would be better spent doing more productive things.
We is edjumacated
Big Fat Baby A fun site when you need some entertainment, but aren't sure what you're in the mood for.
This Week's Issue
Happy Tree Friends- Some of the funniest flash animation I've seen in a long time. Worth seeing
Fun Stuff
Bored at Work Not really a standalone site, but a great link farm to--you guessed it, distractions.
I am Bored Another link farm to unusual sites, strange projects, etc in a forum format.
Other Stuff
Bored at Work Another "bored" site. Worth a look.
Smiley of the week
Urban 75 E-zine with tons of content. Unbelievably long list of just about everything.
Reference sites
News Of The Weird This is where we get most of our news.
Thanks, Chuck!
Dave's Daily Great place for general news, pics, and other weirdness. Be careful of the ad links, though.
[ Yahoo! ] options
The Onion All the news you could possibly need, if you don't mind the stories being full of shit.
Faux News Channel A great site I just recently found. Satire, political cartoons. Navigation's a little clunky, but great content.
Game Sites
Orisinal Some of these games are actually quite beautiful. Over 50 to play around with.
Pogo Win some money! Really! Or so they tell me...
Strange sites
The Smoking Gun Celebrity mugshots, unusual documents, declassified material. One-stop shop for evil chuckles.
The Riddle The hardest puzzle on the internet. Don't even try it unless you know some HTML, a little about everything else, and a bit about browsers. Haven't finished it yet.
Weekly World News Return of Batboy! News at 11...
99 Rooms Not so much a game, as a showcase for a twisted & disturbed (but very talented) artist. Point-and-click. I went through it in about 30 min.
Useless sites
The Amazing Corn Cam! That's Right! a webcam of an Iowa corn field, with such thrilling archived photos as "rain on lens" I swear! Check it out!
Cursor Thief Live! You wouldn't believe be if I tried to explain. (Note: Refresh your browser to add to the number mulltiple times, otherwise it'll just add one.)
Gizoogle Searchin' da web like it ain't no thang. Itz da Shiznit.
World Beard Championships Moustache rides, anyone?
I Am A Turtle Become multiligual overnite! "I am a turtle" in dozens of languages!
Lost in Translation Our intro translated back and forth from five languages: "Dispersion of the deficit of the attention in the relative Nautiker- The weekly compartment of the message for the people, about whom also do not think like operation."
Virtual Bubble wrap For some reason, it's still addictive. I actually have this on my PDA. I'll upload the file when I get around to it.
Googlefight Probably the only place lately that Liberals can kick some Conservative ass!
Dodge the Dot This should really be in Distractions, but it is pretty useless
Spank The Monkey No, really...
The Duel Almost disturbing
Four Horses Cool for about two minutes, then that one starts getting on my nerves...
Here you'll find sites that we can't categorize, or haven't gotten around to yet
(We are procrastinators, after all).
Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics Do you enjoy nitpicking at movies? Check this out. These guys have turned this into an obsession.
Magic 8-Ball Ask the magic 8-Ball your damn self!
Uncommonly Difficult IQ Tests For when you don't feel stupid enough
3D Riddle II Another puzzle, using those "Magic Eye" pictures that were so popular in the early 90s