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The Distracted Ones
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The weekly newsletter for people that just don't feel like working.
Past Issues
Issue  XXIII
Monday, Nov 7, 2005
Issue I, 06/06/05
Issue II 06/13/05
Issue III 06/20/05
Issue IV 06/27/05
Issue V 07/04/05
Issue VI 07/11/05
Issue VII 07/18/05
Issue VIII 07/25/05
Issue IX 08/01/05
Issue X 08/08/05
Issue XI 08/15/05
Issue XII 08/22/05
Issue XIII 08/29/05
Issue XIV 09/05/05
Issue XV 09/12/05
Issue XVI 09/19/05
Issue XVII 09/26/05
Issue XVIII 10/03/05
Issue XIX 10/10/05
Issue XX 10/17/05
Issue XXI 10/24/05
Issue XXII 10/31/05
Issue XXIII 11/07/05
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