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Also, you may wish to visit the site for our new company, Salient Software Solutions, Inc.
Welcome to my virtual home in The_Tropics of Geocities! (My physical home is only in the sub-tropics.).

Don Law has worked for several interesting computer compaines in the past, such as Gould Electronics, Encore Computer corporation (now defunct), Sun Microsystems (the dot in dot-com), and CommerceQuest. Don's latest employment adventure is with Salient Software Solutions, Inc., a company that he started together with five of his former coworkers.

Click here for the page on Don's career and his line of work.

Don graduated from Furman University with a Bachelor of Science in Math and Computer Science. He also holds a Masters Degree in Software Engineering, awarded jointly from Florida Atlantic University and the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University.

Don currently resides with his wife Barbara in Plantation, FL, which is considered a suburb of Fort Lauderdale. No children yet, just pets.

Don and Barbara enjoy sailing their Hobie Cat on Biscayne Bay when time permits. They are part of a Christian band that plays for a contemporary worship service every Sunday morning at Coral Ridge Church. They also enjoy participating in Little Friends Big Friends, which is a ministry for the children of single parents.

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Don can be reached via email. I don't post a link to send me email directly any more - to many spammers crawl the net and pick these up. So here is my email address, but you will have to manually delete the spaces. (Putting the spaces here prevents spammers from snarfing my email.)

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