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Accomodation at Sunflower House

Sunflower House - During the course, participants live at Sunflower House, a traditional wooden Thai house with traditional Thai hospitality, situated on a beautiful hill with scenic views of the natural surroundings. A nature stroll of 20 minutes will bring you from Sunflower House to Three Lotus House where most of the course activities take place.

Meals - Three vegetarian meals (western breakfast and mostly traditional Thai-style lunch and dinner) are included in the accomodation arrangement. Meals are eaten together at set mealtimes according to the course schedule.
•If due to health reasons you have special dietary needs that you think we should be aware of, please let us know in advance.

Why On Retreat?
The group dynamic of the participants is an important and essential part of the courses and the learning experience. All participants stay at Sunflower House during the whole course, in a rereat-like atmosphere, away from the the daily routine and the many distractions of city life. All daily needs are taken care of so that participants can concentrate all their efforts and energies on the course itself.

Learning in a retreat-like environment gives time and space to fully integrate, assimilate and experience whatever is being taught or practiced. This gives each one the opportunity to experience what is happening for him/her in the course deeply and profoundly, allowing each one to be more present and aware of their personal learning and healing process.

In this protected environment the teacher is there at all times to assist, support and counsel. This is very important when there is a healing process involved. Also, in the group itself arises the opportunity to share experiences and feelings, to help and support each other. For the duration of the course we become like a small family. At the same time, whenever needed, each one can take personal time and space away from the group, either by retiring to the room or taking a quiet walk in nature.

Private rooms - If you wish to stay in a private room, please let us know in advance. Courses are taught in retreat-form and can be intense and sometimes can be quite demanding on a personal level. Therefore, we usually prefer that each participant has his/her own private space. Nonetheless, at present, we have a limited number of rooms and do our best to accomodate every one's wishes and needs.

Shared rooms - If you are taking a course with some one you know and wish to share a room with that person, please tell us in advance.

• Sometimes, when we have larger groups, you may be asked to share a room. If you have any apprehensions about this subject please do not hesitate to mention it. Usually everything works out just right. Knowing how to live together in harmony and consideration is just as important as learning anything else.

Costs - The price for accomodation and 3 meals is 350 Bhat per day per person. This includes fruit and water at mealtimes, and unlimited herbal tea during the day.
*This price is for room and board only, and does not include the payment for the course itself. For information on paying for the course click below on Donation.

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