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What To Bring With You

Following is a list of things you need and some recomendations in order to make your practice time and your stay a more pleasant experienece:

1. Practice Clothes - For the room where we practice (the dojo) you need:
• a clean pair of socks for walking on the matresses
• a sarong or longi or any cloth to place on the mattress in order to keep it clean
• a set of comfortable clothes (loose-fitting) for practicing that you do not wear outside practice time. In rainy season it is good to have some extra articles of clothing due to longer time needed to dry washed clothes.

2. Mosquito Repellent - in Thailand it seems that all seasons have their mosquitoes so it is good to have some with you. Natural insect repellents include citronella oil, eucalyptus oil and clove oil. You may buy essential oils and make your own mixes or buy ready-made bottles in any pharmacy in Chiang Mai. Also, there are natural incense sticks made from citronella Mosquito nets are provided in all the rooms.

3. Warm clothing - In cold season (October-February) it is quite chilly, especially in the early mornings and at night. We are located in a pollution-free environment and slightly higher in altitude than Chiang Mai city, so the temperatures can be 3-5 degrees lower.

4. Personal toiletries - in the guesthouse there are shared bathrooms (hot and cold water) outside the rooms.

5. Hot Springs - in the village nearby we have hotsprings which the local villagers use as a daily bathing place. It is a most pleasant experience and you are very welcome to vist and bathe there. If you wish to bathe in the hotsprings, as far as local customs are concerned women need to wear a sarong. No bathing suits please! Men can wear bathing shorts, underwear or a sarong.

6. Bicycles - between the practice dojo and the guesthouse it's a 20 minute nature walk. A suggestion from previous courses - if you like, you can rent a bicycle in Chiang Mai (about 20-30 Bat per day), and bring it with you on the roof the songthaw/taxi (an extra 10 Bhat ,I think) Unfortunately, we do not have extra pairs of bicycles in the center.

7. Rainy Season- a rain poncho and/or umbrella are highly recommended for the months of May-September. If you want to really go for it, rubber boots are also helpful, but not absolutely necessary.

8. Writing Materials- pen, pencil, notebook, etc.

9. Body and Mind - I recommend to prepare yourself for the course and the retreat by keeping your body and your mind as clean as possible in the time period preceding the course. This is mostly in reference to the consumption of alcohol and recreational drugs.

If you have any questions as to other things you may need, feel free to call or email.

Last, but not least, all you need more is a good feeling inside, an open mind and a light heart and ...a smile!!!

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